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Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for quick answers to some of our most popular questions. Don't see your question? Reach out and we can help!

Can my senior bring siblings or their dog?

Absolutely! This is session is all about your senior and what matters most! We are happy to include family members or pets for no extra charge. We will plan this together in advance as some locations are more pet-friendly than others.

Do you offer professional prints and products?

YES! Our families generally walk away with a digital collection AND physical print products. Some of our most popular items include an album made to last a lifetime and something for the wall (a large canvas or a print for a frame). We are with you every step of the way to customize a product order that fits what you want, and you do not need to select ANYTHING until you see the images.

I don't know any good locations. Can you help us find a place?

Definitely! After 15+ years photographing in Central Ohio, we have a lot of ideas and suggestions so we can choose a place that fits your senior's personality. We know all the best spots for senior sessions!

How much will we invest in this milestone experience?

We offer multiple session options and a variety of physical and digital options, so the total investment will vary by family based on what you choose. You pay the session fee for the session you want, and then select what you want to order AFTER you see your images.  We have some families spending a few hundred at their ordering appointment and families that invest a few thousand, and everywhere in between. We want you to be SO excited about anything you order and are happy to help customize an order to fit your family when it's time to choose your images! You can read about our session options about half way down the page here:

My son hates photos. Is this worth it?

I'm going to answer this very honestly, and this is my personal opinion. After many years of photographing guys that don't like photos, I wholeheartedly believe you should either take a quick one on your phone to get it over with OR invest in a professional photographer that specializes in teens. Nothing in between. For new or less experienced photographers (and I once was one and this was me at one point), or photographers that usually photograph other genres, photographing senior guys that don't like pictures can be very difficult. Not only do you need to master the technical execution, but you have to be able to get them to open up and give real smiles. This is a skill that takes a lot of time to learn and is hard to train. I would not want to make my son go through a whole session experience to get fake smiles in the end. While I cannot guarantee subject cooperation or specific smiles, I have an excellent track record of getting genuine smiles from teen boys that don't like pictures and had to be talked into the experience in the first place. These are evidenced in my gallery and Google reviews. I love hearing about their interests, taking their input, and I'm not above making bad dad jokes or being a total dork if it helps them open up! Plus all images are fully retouched so they don't need to stress about acne when working with me. I believe I excel in this specific situation.

Do you have an outfit limit?

Nope! We have no outfit or prop limit. You can wear whatever you want during our time together. Don't worry - we will make recommendations and help you figure out exactly what will photograph best, so you do not need to figure this out on your own.

What are the session options?

We have multiple session day options to meet your senior's vision. See this link (about half way down the page) for details:

How much is retouching?

No charge for professional retouching because your senior deserves to look their best on session day! We retouch acne, flyaway hair, people in the background, scratches, minor bruises, bug bites etc. Please note: We do NOT change body shapes because your teen is perfect just the way they are! Please inquire with more specific editing questions.

My daughter wants something not everyone has. Can you do that?

Yes! Our session experiences are all fully customized for each unique senior. We do not limit our locations to a handful of places - we can go anywhere in the Central Ohio area (indoors or outdoors). Let's hop on a call and brainstorm something special together that your senior will love! 

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