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Prom Flower Trends

Wondering what's hot for 2024? We've got the scoop so you are in the know!

Prom Bouquets are a Prom Flower Trend in 2024

Prom bouquets made their debut over the past couple of years and have really caught on. These cute bunches of flowers can be made to match any color or theme and used multiple ways in your photos before the dance. We are still seeing coordination with outfits using some similar colors in the flowers themselves or in a ribbon holding the stems together.

prom flower trend of bouquets in Central Ohio

Variety of Prom Flowers in Bouquets, Corsages, or Boutonnières

Rather than choosing only one flower for your bouquet or corsage, we are seeing a small variety to add interest to these pieces. It gives texture and diversity to your flowers and can be a more fun selection!

Columbus prom bar flower trend

Pocket Boutonnieres

Newer to the prom scene, pocket boutonnières take the hard part of pining the flowers on out of the way! These flowers are adhered to squares of a hard material such as cardboard that go right into the pocket. Traditional pinned flowers will still be very popular this year - just make sure your mom is there to do it or you have a video with instructions saved on your phone!

ribbon for prom flowers in Columbus Ohio

Color Coordinating Prom Flowers

While you don't always need to be matchy-matchy, prom flowers are still coordinating in both color and style between groups of friends or dates. It's not hard to be right with this easy prom flower trend. A white carnation pinned on a suit might match some of the white carnations in a bouquet or wrist corsage, for example. Alternatively, you could use different flowers of the same color for a group of friends.

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