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Simple Senior Pictures at Inniswood

This Olentangy Orange senior was looking for something super simple, and that's exactly what we did!

simple senior picture for high school guy westerville olentangy

Simple Session at Inniswood for High School Senior

Jackson is a senior at Olentangy Orange, and although they do not allow submission of any photo to the yearbook, many seniors still do a separate session to document this special time. The school-assigned photos are a bit more formal but a custom senior session shows off way more personality! We are able to get a variety of full-length senior pictures and close-ups or headshots even during a short photography session.

high school guy senior picture simple easy fun closeup of olentangy orange senior

Even for guys that do not want a lot of photos taken, we still end up having a good time in our session! On this warm late Summer day, we walked around Inniswood Metro Garden in Westerville stopping for photos along the way and just chatting about senior year. He had a couple of outfits and with the availability of public restrooms in the park, it is so easy to make a quick change! If we are at a location or a spot within a park where there is no restroom available, I always have a pop-up changing tent to make outfit changes on the go super easy!

I absolutely love taking advantage of the variety available in an outdoor location like this. So many different looks just at one place in a short amount of time!

olentangy orange senior picture colorful fun simple

One of my favorite photographs from the session is this picture above! The colors and his smile are just perfect and I hope this image will take them back to this time in life for many years to come!

Looking for a simple session for your own senior? With pre-planning, location assistance, outfit guidance, and posing direction, your senior will have an EASY time creating photos you like and they don’t mind if you show off. We can help! With session options for everyone, we would love to customize something just for your senior!


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