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Snowy Senior Photo Session in Columbus

Winter can be cold in the midwest (or not, depending on the day...). But if it is going to be cold, I'd prefer to have SNOW on the ground. Not only does it give a little charm to nature with the bare trees and dull grass, but it also creates a fantastic Winter backdrop for senior pictures.

Senior Pictures in the Snow in a Columbus Park

If you are looking for snowy senior pictures in Columbus, Ohio, you are in the right place! Take a look at these inspirational photos from some Winter seniors sessions we have had. First up, this Gahanna Lincoln High School student who lucked out with some of that beautiful snow on session day. This actually wasn't planned, but a great coincidence! Some teens would consider cancelling if the temps dropped to below, but she rocked it start to finish (stick around for the end!).

senior picture snow winter hat flannel goodie park

I can't get enough of that beautiful golden light slipping through the trees behind her! We found this bench in the middle of the park surrounded by snow. It gave a total Winter look to her images in that spot!

winter senior picture bench golden hour Columbus

Snowy Senior Pictures in Westerville

This New Albany High School senior photo session took place in Uptown Westerville. The snow here became an accessory to his session rather than a focus. It is subtly in the background, giving off Winter vibes without competing for your attention in the image. The focus of the picture is still on the student. (But you can't help but notice white in the background!)

uptown Westerville brick winter senior photo

Uptown Westerville snowy senior photo session

In some areas, the snow was more obvious than others. Here we have an almost white background for this portrait. Did you notice the posing we used above? In the top photo, you will see that his arms are folded close to his chest, with his hands tucked in. This was little posing trick to help keep his hands warm because it was very cold! The other photograph shows him positioned with his hands in his pockets. Another natural, casual pose that isn't overdone, and also allows him to stay a tad warmer with the cold air around him.

Senior Photos in the Snow in Columbus

We didn't travel far for this Westerville Central High School senior's Winter photo session! It was already late February when we got together to mark this momentous occasion this session needed to take place "snow or shine"! I have to admit I was pretty thrilled to see SO much snow on the ground on session day!

snow senior photo Westerville Central denim jacket

Isn't that denim jacket an amazing choice against the snowy woods backdrop? He really stands out in the blue. Plus, jackets are one of my favorite accessories. Check out the posing once again using pockets to keep his hands warm. But it also adds such a classy look to this Winter photo. Below is another example of being surrounded by snow with a quick change of jacket:

senior photo winter coat Westerville

Thankfully the sidewalks were shoveled as we walked through the local college campus grounds. It does help to keep your feet dry during a Winter session outdoors!

Fun Snowy Senior Picture Poses

Ready to have some fun posing in the snow for your senior session? Check out these ideas for inspiration! There's now backdrop quite like a blanket of snow on the ground. White is neutral and goes with everything, and in Central Ohio it is a unique backdrop you can only get a few days a year!

senior picture Uptown Westerville winter snow serious look

See how the snow almost surrounds him? Check out this below senior who is right in the middle of a snowy park! This capture was early in the session when we realized how cold it was that day!

senior pictures snow girl black outfit and black hat

Thankfully she was a good sport with the temps and equally excited about the snow. We also used a full snow backdrop for him below. There were no dry feet at this point... we walked right through several inches of snow to get to this rock to sit on.

Senior Picture Laying in the Snow

Am I saving the best for last? Hard to say because I enjoyed all of these sessions so much! But when she was willing to lay in the snow for a few shots, that made for a pretty great end to her senior portrait session! Obviously this pose has to be last since you will be pretty wet by the time you get up. The snow has a way of soaking through clothing, so make sure you have something to change into or sit on in the car on your way home.

Senior picture laying in snow with winter hat Columbus

If you want something unique for your senior session that not everyone else is willing to do, get out in the snow and be open to all the possibilities! We love Winter sessions for this reason, and with plenty of tricks up our sleeves to stay warm, it will go by faster than you think! Even if it doesn't snow, Winter sessions can still be fun and there are ways to add a pop of color. Let's talk about how we can make your senior session amazing!


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