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Winter Photo Session for Westerville North Senior

It's hard to believe that second semester of senior year is finally here! Time in high school is coming to an end, and with that comes senior deadlines. One of those deadlines is submission of a yearbook photo. For some Westerville area schools, the yearbook deadline falls on or around March 1, leaving little time to schedule a senior session once the last semester begins. (Always check with your school for your specific yearbook deadlines and requirements) It's a good thing that Winter photography sessions can be a lot of fun!

Westerville North High School Senior girl in bright sweater by creek in Winter
Westerville North High School senior standing by creek

What to Wear for Winter Senior Photos:

After discussing several options, this senior chose a fun Gahanna location for her senior portrait session. We worked together to plan for outfits and backdrops that would work well and provide her with excellent variety in her final images. I just love the colorful top she chose to brighten the otherwise neutral park scene. Wearing outfits that have vibrant colors is one way to help bring some life into a Winter setting in Columbus, Ohio.

Westerville high school senior photo in Winter by colorful wall mural in Gahanna
Westerville high school senior photo by a colorful wall mural

A Colorful Mural Wall Near Westerville:

Here she chose a fitted solid color shirt and jeans, which worked really well against the bold and colorful wall mural. There is something super fun about senior portraits with a colorful wall mural! Whether it is a graffiti wall or a commissioned painted mural, the color can add a lot of interest to the backdrop of the photos. Her session was no exception, and this senior rocked her more serious and fun poses during her Winter photo session in front of the mural! Although she did not choose to highlight her Volleyball career or musical talents during her session, she still had a session that authentically reflected her.

High School Senior Portrait in Gahanna, Ohio in Winter wearing a flannel leaning on wall
Senior photograph in Ohio in Winter

Will a Winter Senior Session in Columbus be too Cold?

Was it cold? YES! Unfortunately, there is really no way around the chilly temperatures for January, February, or March senior session in Central Ohio. But we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make it more manageable! We try to keep moving as much as we can because this will help you stay warm and it has the added benefit of more variety in your final images. We recommend seniors wear a jacket in between poses or even a blanket! It doesn't feel as cold as you would expect when you are having a good time, either, which makes Winter a great time for senior portraits. If you want to grab one of our few remaining Winter session slots, get in touch!


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