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3 Reasons Your Senior Should do a Portrait Session, Even if They Don't Love Photos | Westerville

Senior portraits are a tradition dating back many, many years. And while you may have enjoyed looking back at your own parent’s and grandparent’s portraits, there are so many more reasons to do them yourself!

1. There’s a lot of practicality in having a professional photo taken. Many schools allow submission of a photo of your choice for the yearbook. This gives you an opportunity to choose something fun that shows your personality rather than the “boring” school pictures from previous years. The images can be used in holiday cards or prints work well as gifts for grandparents and family.

In the Spring, these images are perfect for graduation announcements or party invitations. Often prints are made as part of the graduation party décor. You’ll also see them frequently used for yard signs and yard banners congratulating seniors.

2. This is an experience you can only do while you are a senior! YOLO, right? But seriously, you’ve worked so hard to reach your senior year and you deserve to have this occasion marked. As we’ve learned over the last several months, we can’t take anything for granted, and we don’t know what senior year will hold. But we do know that you can do your senior photos and we believe you should take advantage of experiences available to you!

3. These photos serve as kind of a time capsule for you. While everything feels so “normal” right now, hairstyles & clothing styles change so much over time. We guarantee that one day you will enjoy looking back at this time in your life remembering how you looked. We encourage bringing items such as musical instruments, sports equipment, your car, hobby items, etc to your session. Looking back decades from now you will be able to remember all of those parts of your life that made up your senior experience!

Let's talk more about how we can work together to mark this time in your life!


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