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3 Things to Consider for Newborn Photos

This is a guest blog post by expert newborn photographer, Stacey Ash of Stacey Ash Photography.

Just like senior sessions, newborn sessions capture a very specific moment in your child's life. One is marking the beginning of your lives together as a family, and the other is capturing the closing of one chapter to begin a new journey as an adult. Both are equally significant! As a Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer, I know the importance of both of these milestones!

Newborn and senior photography session preserve special memories. This is why you should hire a skilled photographer. I'm giving you three things you should consider when selecting a newborn photographer in Columbus, Ohio.

1. Previous Work as a Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Each photographer has their unique style. Some may have signature touches, like using bokeh effects. And every photographer has an editing style that resonates with them. Therefore, you need to look through a photographer’s portfolio. This way you can see if it fits not only your preference, but also your style in your home. Take the time to review potential photographers' work. Check both their website and social media pages because one may have more updated work.

If it’s your first time hiring a newborn photographer, you may want to guarantee their professionalism. Browse their site to see if they’re part of notable organizations. You can also see if they have received honors. This means they’re serious about photography. They also probably use high-quality equipment.

A quick search on the state’s site ( will show you if the photographer you are considering is registered. ANY photographer charging for a session, no matter the cost, has a legal obligation to file taxes, but sadly, many do not. If they cut corners with the IRS, they probably aren’t investing in education for newborn safety or to improve their craft.

Looking at a photographer’s previous newborn work gives you an impression of how yours will turn out if you hire them. Look for things like consistency in editing, posing, and styling. A portfolio that has consistent work will give you a better idea of what you can expect from your newborn session.

2. Safety

professional studio newborn photo in Columbus, Ohio

This is my biggest priority when it comes to running my business as a Columbus, Ohio newborn photographer.  Newborn photography takes a lot of training and studying to safely pose a baby. Anyone who tries those adorable images without training, often gets results in what the internet likes to call "Pinterest fails".  Those baby photos you love are not poses you should try on your own.

Trained photographers have listened to medical experts and professionals to ensure the safety of the baby.  We know how to support the baby and signs to watch for to make sure the baby stays comfortable. Safety is why I employ a trained assistant. This allows me to have extra hands on the baby so I can focus on capturing the image in camera. My assistant knows her number one job is to never leave the baby!

3. Special Requests and Creativity as a Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

Your newborn session should be unique. You may have a theme or pose in mind for your baby's photos. As such, choosing a photographer who accepts suggestions is essential. Inquire and ask if they’ll be able to meet your requests. This will guarantee your newborn images will be as unique as you want them to be.

Does the photographer provide outfits and props so you don’t have to add that worry to your list of stressors?  Will your baby’s photos be unique to your family? I want your newborn session to be 100% worry-free. Your input is welcome and I value your ideas. Every session is styled based on a questionnaire that I provide. Whether you like simple or elaborate, I create sets that will match your style preferences.  

Although I do have a work-flow for posing, I always prioritize the parents’ wishes. Often, I get parent requests for specific themes that are important to them (special vacation spots, sports, careers, hobbies, etc.) While not everyone’s cup of tea, if parents request a theme, I am happy to oblige!  My theory is that you pay me to take photos that you will love, so even if it means not doing some of my go-to shots, I will always incorporate what matters to you!



Keep these things in mind when hiring a Columbus newborn photographer. These tips will guarantee a great experience and images your will love for years to come. Please keep me in mind for your newborn photography services. I provide gorgeous, high-quality portraits and would love to work with your growing family.


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