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3 Tips for Cap & Gown Photos

Planning to take some photos in your cap and gown before graduation this year? We've got 3 tips to make you look your best in these photos and create something you will love!

Tip 1: Steam Your Gown

Your graduation gown will likely arrive packaged up in a small plastic bag folded neatly. That creates creases in the gown that will definitely show as you walk across the stage AND when you take cap and gown photos. Make sure you steam your gown completely to get rid of all visible creases.

Westerville Cap & Gown picture graduation

Tip 2: Dress Up Under Your Gown

You may decide that you want to take a few photos with your grad gown open, so you want to pay close attention to what you are wearing underneath. Even if you don't unzip your gown for any pictures, your legs and shoes will absolutely show. Since you will be dressing up for your actual graduation ceremony, you want to make sure you dress up for the photos as well.

Westerville Central cap & gown picture tossing cap

Tip 3: Decorate Your Cap & Bring Your Tassel

If your school will allow you to personalize your graduation cap by decorating it, then make sure you do that before your photos! Showing off your custom cap is a sure way to show some personality and bring a unique look to your photos. And don't forget your tassel! I have had some seniors purchase a tassel they liked better or borrow a gown for pictures if they don't like the standard option required by the school.

Westerville graduation cap decorated mini photo session of senior

There's no better way to celebrate your graduation than to take some professional photos in your cap and gown! This is such an exciting time in your life worth documenting. Congratulations, graduate!!

Olentangy Orange cap & gown pictures senior graduate

Westerville North cap and gown photo for senior graduation


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