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Basketball Court Senior Pictures in Columbus, Ohio School Gym

We know you spend many, many hours in the gym when you are a dedicated athlete, so it only makes sense to spend a portion of your senior session there! Not only is this going to be one of the places that feels the most like "home" to you, but your parents probably want to have some nice photos of you in this space if they have funded your hobby for a long time! Those long days of practice and late nights after games have made you the player that you are, and being able to remember that through senior pictures is something that will mean even more to you when you are older.

Basketball Action Shots in Your Senior Photos

First off, is there anything that compares to a good action shot? Here is a one of 3-point shooter, Price, doing what he does best! He will be taking so many memories with him when he leaves high school of games where he nailed this shot, so we had to make sure to capture it in our shoot!

high school basketball 3 point shooter action shot senior photo red team

Here we go showing off one of the core skills on the court - dribbling! The intensity of the game play is evident in this shot and I love the hoop in the background. This is something you really have to be in your school gym to fully capture.

columbus senior picture basketball player in school gym in red jersey with ball

Creative Lighting in Indoor Gym Senior Photos

One thing that we can do in a school gym that is a bit harder to do outside is using some creative lighting. I love the drama of this shot, and it is sure to intimidate the other team! Most of all, it is FUN and different and unique.

creative senior picture in Columbus Ohio high school gym with dramatic lighting while player holds basketball

I don't focus as much on black and white shots because in the end they are rarely chosen by families as favorites. But I have to say I also love this shot in black and white.

black and white version of dramatic lighting columbus high school senior holding basketball in senior picture

Fun Basketball Senior Pictures in Gym

Being on the court when there is no game taking place allows you the opportunity to do some other fun poses.

Columbus high school senior lay on floor on basketball under head in school gym for picture

Or even a throwback to those early basketball days as a kid with the rec league poses.

high school senior in traditional basketball kneeling pose wearing red jersey

Letter Jacket in the School Gym

If you have been following my blog at all, you know I am a big fan of letter jackets in senior photos. You have worked hard to letter and have this recognition! And the truth is that you likely won't wear your letter jacket very much after high school, making shots like this even more important during senior year. Generally speaking, I prefer to capture faces in the photos. But in a case like this, I do like to read the school letter jacket text on the back. This tri-sport athlete has much to be proud of, and I'm so glad he brought his jacket along.

Central Ohio high school senior holds basketball in school gym wearing letter jacket with hoop in background

PRO TIP: Bring a ball and make sure it is in good condition. Like new condition is preferred, and this is true for any sport you might want to show off. Having a clean ball keeps the focus where it should be - on YOU! If you are ready to customize your senior session experience, let's talk! Looking for more athletic inspiration? Check out these posts: Gymnastics Senior Session Soccer Senior Session


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