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Choosing a Prom Dress: 6 Tips to Pick the Right One

Our top tips for how to choose the right prom dress for you! Nothing maters more than how you feel in your dress on prom night or hommecomming night, so check out the tips below to help you pick the best prom dress!

prom dresses graphic for tips for choosing a prom dress

  1. Fit: The fit of a prom dress is crucial as it can make or break the overall look. Ensure the dress fits your body type properly, and isn't too tight or too loose in any area. The right fit will make you feel comfortable, confident, and look stunning.

  2. Comfort: You will be wearing this dress for at least 8 hour, so comfort is key! It is essential to try on the dress and move around in it to ensure that you can dance, walk and sit comfortably. If your dress is too tight, you'll have a hard time keeping up and moving on the dance floor!

  3. Style: Prom dresses come in different styles. Select a style that suits your body type and personal preference. Try on a few styles until you find the one you love. Consider the dress's neckline, sleeve length, and hemline, and choose a style that flatters your features and makes you feel confident.

  4. Color: The color of your dress is probably one of the first decisions you make! The right color can enhance your skin tone and complement your hair and eye color. You may choose a color that stands out or something that blends in well. Consider coordinating with your friends since you will be in so many pics together!

  5. Fabric: The fabric of your dress affects its overall look, feel, and comfort. Some common fabrics used in prom dresses include satin, chiffon, tulle, and lace. Choose something you love, and again, can move in. Thicker fabrics may be hotter once you start dancing, but sheer fabrics may be cold for outdoor photos.

  6. Price: You could spend under $20 for a clearance casual dress up to hundreds or thousands for a more customized ballgown. While you want to look your best in your dress on prom night, there are other things to pay for to prep for that event as well. Set a realistic budget and look for dresses within your price range. You may need some of that budget leftover for alterations, so don't forget about that if the dress doesn't fit perfectly off the rack! You may also need shoes, purse, accessories, professional hair and makeup, and flowers.

Picking the perfect prom dress should be a fun and exciting experience! Allow plenty of time and grab your friends, sisters, or your mom and head to one of our top 10 places to buy a prom dress to let the shopping begin! And don't forget to take all the pictures!


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