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Best Places to Buy a Prom Dress in Columbus, Ohio

We've got the top ten places to find a prom dress in Columbus, Ohio, along with what makes each location unique. You want to make sure you find the BEST dress for your teen and give them the most options for trendy, fashionable styles that fit. Nothing will make them feel more confident and beautiful on Prom night than wearing the perfect dress!

girl wearing a dress for where to buy a prom dress in Columbus Ohio

Boutique Prom Dresses Columbus, Ohio:

This section is a list of where to buy prom dresses if you are looking for a boutique experience with some designer gowns.

Henri's Cloud Nine - 8597 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH 43240. Henri's Cloud Nine is a popular formal wear store a large collection of prom dresses. A very popular option for prom dress shopping for teens from local high schools. This shop has relationships with top dress designers to ensure their selection is always changing and always current. While pricing on dresses varies greatly, this is a great shop if you are looking to invest well in this evening.

Henri's cloud 9 showing where to buy a prom dress in columbus

Gilded Social - Gahanna & Granville. This boutique offers a carefully curated collection of dresses from various designers. The store specializes in dresses for special occasions, making it an excellent option for prom dress shopping! They also do alterations so you can be sure your dress fits just right!

Windsor - Inside Polaris Mall. This formalwear shop has locations nationwide and therefore access to tons of styles. They have Homecoming dress options starting around $10 when you hit a sale, and lots of prom dress options $50-$200. The feeling of a casual boutique and lower prices make this a great options for a quick and easy prom dress shopping trip!

Windsor logo shown as a place to buy a prom dress in Columbus

Francesca's - Polaris, Sunbury, Easton. Prom dresses and Homecoming dresses, shoes, and accessories so you can get your entire look done in one place. Budget-friendly options and lots of more casual styles available.

Where to Buy Prom Dresses Central Ohio

If you are looking for the best places to buy prom dresses that can be found through the power of a nationwide chain, check out the following stores.

David's Bridal - Easton & Dublin locations, as well as all over the US. This is a chain store that offers a wide selection of affordable prom dresses beginning under $40! The consistent set of options between stores makes this a great option for teens with parents living in different states as they can order the dress from one location to pick up at another, or simply try on the dress with each parent. There is significant variety available and some more simple styles.

Macy's - Easton, Polaris, Tuttle. This department store that carries a large selection of special occasion dresses from various brands, and of course often runs sales and has coupons. You can order online or purchase in person, and with multiple locations in the area, you have more options to find the right size, color, or style for you!

macy's storefront for prom dress shopping in Columbus

Wendy's Bridal - Dublin, Ohio. While technically Wendy's Bridal is a bridal boutique, some of the bridesmaids dresses make great prom or homecoming dresses. They have a large variety of colors and styles available from various designers and brands.

Nordstrom - Easton. This high-end department store has a variety of special occasion dresses for prom, homecoming, and graduation. They carry dresses that fit a wide range of budgets and styles. Attire can also be purchased online if they don't have the size you want in stock, which is a great option when you find the right dress!

Unique Prom Dress Shopping Options Outside Columbus

Willing to travel just a bit to shop for the perfect dress? Make a day of it and get out of town for some lunch and shopping with your favorite girls!

Club Dress - Cincinnati, OH. Nothing is worse than showing up to the dance and seeing someone else wearing YOUR dress! That's why Club Dress tracks the dresses purchased by high school to ensure you are the only one wearing that dress from that store! They carry nine leading designers in the industry so you know you are getting a current, trending style. This is the only store in the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati that sells formalwear, and they are located above Bridal & Formal. Make it a day trip with your mom or your girlfriends and find a dress as unique as you!

Pure Couture Prom & Pageant - Dayton, Ohio. This boutique that specializes in prom dresses and homecoming dresses beginning at $250. The store carries dresses from various designers and offers a personalized shopping experience with fitting room reservations available so there is no need to wait on your special shopping day!

Buying a Prom Dress Online

When nothing beats shopping from the comfort of your couch and your phone, you can always shop online!

Amazon - Although it seems like such a basic option, there are a ton of budget-friendly dresses available with quick shipping and a bunch of sizes and colors. Buy a few and return what you don't want. Decide to go to prom with only a few days to spare? You can't beat the shipping and prices on Amazon.

Shein - Again, lots of budget-friendly options but be prepared to wait longer than most places for shipping. If you plan ahead, this is a fine option for homecoming or prom dress shopping. In fact, if you are prom shopping here and find a graduation dress you like, go ahead and snag it now so it will arrive in time!

Prom Dresses if you Can't Shop

Fairy Goodmothers - Central Ohio non-profit. If you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a prom dress, check out Fairy Goodmothers for dresses, accessories, and more. Items are donated or purchased with funds raised throughout the year so that all teens can feel special this time of year by wearing a dress they love and attending prom. Please note, this is a volunteer organization and space is limited. Only one guest may accompany the shopping teen. There are no fitting rooms available, so make sure to wear tanks, sports bras, shorts, etc that you can slip the dress over.

Now that you have your dress, it's time to plan the right spot for photos! Keep in mind that more recently facilities have been prohibiting photography so be sure to check restrictions and get any required permission in advance!

Still looking for senior pictures? We've got you covered!


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