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Prom Photo locations in Westerville and Columbus, Ohio

Are you looking for the best locations for prom pictures before the big night out? Maybe you want a pretty spot for prom photos with flowers or trees, or maybe you are looking for a unique prom picture location that is more urban. We’ve spent years photographing in cool spots around Columbus, and are excited to share a few with you here!

Pretty Westerville Location for Prom Photos:

One of the most classic and popular locations for prom photos nearby is at Inniswood Metro Garden in Westerville, Ohio. Actually, this spot is so popular on Saturday evenings in the Spring due to prom photos that I generally avoid shooting there on those dates! The trees, well-manicured walking paths, blooming tulips and daffodils, and stunning flowering trees provide a perfect Spring backdrop for prom photos. You will often see large groups gathering for group and couples photos taken by friends and parents near the entrance by the Rose Garden. If you plan to go here, arrive early in case the parking lot is full. I’ve seen this happen a few times at peak attendance. Generally you are still able to park in a nearby neighborhood and walk over, but this might take a lot of time in heels! Otherwise, you can wait for a few other cars to leave before they let you in.

popular photo location in Westerville with girl in dress by roses
senior picture in red dress in Westerville unique location with green plant arch

Prom Photo Location Near Westerville:

If you are in the Gahanna, Ohio area, you may have been to Creekside. With easy access to I-670 and I-270, this is an awesome location to use if you are planning to go downtown for dinner. The brick area provides a great spot if it is muddy out, and there is a pond with a fountain as well as a waterfall feature. If you venture further into the park, you will find string lights over the sidewalk through the woods. This all backs up to an active creek, which makes a stunning backdrop for prom photos. We love the large rocks for posing big groups.

fall senior picture in Gahanna by waterfall and red tree and girl in skirt and boots
Westerville North senior picture of girl in gahanna kneeling by creek

Urban Prom Picture Location in Westerville:

If you want to stay somewhere with a brick and city vibe, Uptown Westerville is perfect! State Street on a Saturday afternoon and evening is full of life. Traffic, shops, college students out and about, and the perfect mixture of new and historic businesses provides a ton of variety for your prom photos. If you want to go out with your friends for some urban photos with the convenience of easy parking, uptown Westerville is the best! Plus, if you attend Westerville North, Westerville South, or Westerville Central, this location is close enough for your mom to come take photos before you head out for the rest of the night to prom with friends!

Westerville Central senior picture in uptown teen leaning on wall
Uptown Westerville senior photo of guy with 8 state in background

Unique Location for Prom Photos:

If you are looking for a smaller more exclusive area, there is a park behind the Hilton at Polaris called Polaris Founder’s Park. This is a top spot that not many know about (until this post, oops!) and it has a pond and a structure as well as flowers depending on the time of season. Truly a stunning little location where you can properly show off your gorgeous dress with your friends! The only downside to this location is that it is pretty small. You can use it for large groups without a problem, but if a lot of other groups have arrived around the same time, you may have to wait quite a bit for your turn. This is the perfect spot if you are having dinner near Polaris before going to the dance, or if your prom is downtown.

prom photo location near Westerville and Lewis Center guy in suit shows off pond location
prom photo location near Lewis Center with pond

Downtown Prom Photo Location:

We can't talk about the best places for prom photos without mentioning downtown Columbus with skyline views! This landmark Columbus photo location of Scioto Mile is a favorite for seniors that want to get out of Westerville for their senior photos, but it is also a great spot for prom pictures! You can get pretty close to the river or stay up on the brick or bridge for views of the Columbus downtown buildings. This is a fun spot for group prom pictures because it has the downtown vibe that you don't have near school. Plus, your proximity to so many upscale restaurants means you are closer to the start of your real fun as soon as you take some prom pics!

downtown Columbus prom photo location with high school senior and buildings in background

Other Best Spots for Prom Photos Near Westerville:

If anyone in your group is a member of a golf club, this can be a fantastic location for photos. We have known of juniors and seniors taking prom photos before the dance at The Medallion Club, Lakes Golf and Country Club, New Albany Links Golf Club, and The Golf Club at Little Turtle. Of course, you always want to be sure to ask permission in advance whenever you are using private property for photos. But since special permission or membership may be required (check with the club), chances are that it will be less crowded than some of the public parks. Wherever you choose to take a few shots with your group, we hope you have the BEST time with your friends! Take a few with Mom and Dad, too, because they are probably just as excited for you to get to enjoy this big night out! If you still haven't booked your senior portraits, I'd love to chat! Have a safe and fun prom night out!


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