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Columbus Senior Photography Session with Sports Car

Do some of your best memories in high school involve the independence and freedom of a new car? Maybe it made it possible to get yourself to school without the bus. Maybe it gave you the freedom to meet up with friends whenever you wanted. Or maybe it allowed you to have a job without relying on mom and dad to drop you off. I know I have so many memories with mine. I remember early mornings scraping the ice off my car to get to school on time, with a quick stop for a bagel or donut on the way. Or picking up my friends to head to the movies or at football games on Friday nights. I still remember what most of my friends drove in high school! So what could be more fun than including your sporty car in your senior photos?!

We love that he suggested bringing his car to his session! The vibrant yellow sports car stood out in the park just as it stood out in his school parking lot. No doubt he and his friends will look back at many awesome memories that involved weekends driving around and meeting up together in this car. Ford Mustangs have long been cool cars for teens. We can't get over what great condition he kept his car - perfectly clean and shining. The sunlight reflected off the paint in a way that really showed off the car in a stylish way. Above, we had him stand leaning against it, showing off the mustang on the front. His license number was altered for this blog entry, but we opted to leave it in his final set of images since that is a piece of history and exactly how he will remember his high school years!

Sitting right up against his car allowed us to use the yellow mustang as a backdrop. It gave such a pop of color and created a bright, bold image which was perfect for his more serious expression. On the right above, I love the smile he gives when we used the whole car as a backdrop to the image. His mustang was truly the best accessory for his session!

Most importantly, we want your senior session to be unique to YOU and represent your high school experience. These are the moments that are going to turn into sweet memories over time and we'd love to be a part of documenting that. There are so many fun things we can do. Here is another fun and creative session featuring a senior competitive gymnast. Let's chat about how we can create a session around your interests!


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