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Custom Senior Portrait Experience

If you are looking for the best experience for your senior, you are in the right place. Our favorite thing about senior sessions is being able to customize them to fit each unique senior and their interests. Everyone deserves something that is going to reflect their hobbies, activities, and personality. In this case, we used a couple meaningful locations and included her car and bowling balls!

custom senior picture luxury experience westerville portrait

senior picture with red car near Columbus

Senior Pictures with Red Car

When I have a senior ask if they can include their car in their senior photo session, the answer is unequivocally yes!! In this case, Addy and her friends have many memories of spending time in her car on the weekends and going on adventures together. I knew immediately that we had to find a way to document this special car in her senior photos!

Columbus senior picture near Lewis Center red car senior photo

Part of our planning process before a senior session is discussing ideas and outfits. When Addy said her car is red and she had a red and black plaid shirt to wear in a few, we knew putting the two together would work well. Honestly it turned out even better than I imagined! I absolutely love doing FUN things during senior portraits. Colorful, joyful, and fun senior pictures are some of my favorites!

senior pictures with car red sports car teen photographer near Columbus Ohio

There were so many unique and different poses we did with this red car during her Westerville senior pictures, and here are a few examples.

Westerville South Bowling Senior Photos

Addy is a member of the Westerville South High School bowling team, so of course showcasing her bowling jersey and ball was a must. We did several things to create some unique and fun shots, and here’s a few I especially liked. I may or may not have had to stand in and across the street to get some of these just right! One of the hardest and most time-consuming parts of taking photos with items such as bowling balls is getting them set up just right for the shot. If we are spacing them out, we have to get them spaced evenly. In some cases we have to watch for logos or wording to make sure that is displayed correctly.

Below is a fun headshot with her bowling ball. Great way to customized a senior portrait session!

custom senior picture with bowling ball Columbus Ohio

custom senior portrait with bowling ball for bowling team senior westerville

Stone Backdrop for Senior Pictures

The location Addy chose in Westerville has so much variety! Like a lot of my favorite locations, it’s kind of a hidden gem even though it is close to Westerville South High School. The stone wall was exactly what I envisioned with this sweatshirt, and we were also able to find a few plants for variety in the backdrop of her photos. I do love this stone, though, as there is nothing else quite like it in the area.

senior picture college campus near westerville ohio

The top she wore against the stone created a collegiate feel to the images and also let her pop and stand out. Such a great combination!

college senior picture westerville south custom senior portrait against stone wall

And of course I always go for some variety with a headshot as well!

WSHS senior picture headshot near olentangy schools

Uptown Westerville for WSHS Senior Photos

After this, we all went into Uptown Westerville and had a quick outfit change. This black jumper ended up being my favorite outfit of the day, and I absolutely LOVE some of these senior photos in this outfit! When planning what to wear in senior portraits, definitely consider a jumpsuit! Isn’t she stunning??

jumper senior picture westerville luxury senior portrait

luxury custom outdoor senior portrait in westerville oh

Casual Senior Pics in Uptown Westerville

We did a few more casual senior pictures in Uptown Westerville wrapped up our session for the day. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed when we were photographing!

If you love the Uptown Westerville area, you may like it for a senior photo session! Are you a bowler? We have even done a session where we started the day inside a bowling alley. Whatever you want for your senior portrait experience, we can help! Let’s talk about the experience your senior can have with us!


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