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Equine Senior Pictures in Columbus

This stunning senior session included some beautiful images with horses! Whenever I have had high school seniors that have spent time riding horses growing up, I love to showcase that in their senior pictures. It's such a unique talent and honestly makes for some absolutely beautiful images which makes my photographer heart happy!

equine senior picture with 2 horses in Delaware ohio

Senior Pictures with Horses

There is something really unique about equine senior pictures. Not everyone who has ridden a horse or has competed with horses has the ability to take senior pictures with horses. This was an exclusive session That Emily and her mom put together that really showcased the beauty of both the horses and the senior. I love the outfits she chose for these pictures!

senior picture with white horse near westerville, ohio

I love the way she is looking down at her sweet horse here! Such a cute candid moment.

columbus senior picture with a white horse looking down while senior in black dress looks at horse

Equine Senior Pictures in Water

Emily's mom suggested we head down by the creek and she ride her horse into the water. How unbelievably gorgeous is this photo!? The scene is breathtaking itself but with her horse wading into the water with her bareback, it was a perfect moment for an equine senior photo.

Olentangy high school senior picture in black dress on horse standing in water

senior picture on brown horse standing in water in Delaware ohio

Horse Senior Pictures in a Field

I was greatful this private property had a huge open field we could use. The trees bordering the outside were begining to show a bit of Fall color which was a great backdrop for some of these senior photos with the horses. I love how she had enough room to lead her beautiful horse through the field as I tooks some photos.

senior picture in a field with a white horse

The entire scene here with the open field and the blue sky was the perfect setting!

Olentangy high school senior picture in field with white horse

We actually did a few other locations for Emily's custom senior portrait session well. It was a great day photographing senior pictures with horses as well as some variety focused only on Emily. If you are looking for your own custom senior session, let's talk!


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