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Fall Senior Photography Inspiration in Columbus, Ohio

Are you planning a Fall senior session? This is by far the most popular time of year for outdoor family and senior photography in Central Ohio. Autumn in Ohio is the most colorful season of all, and nature's vibrant backdrop makes it a great time for photo sessions. Even if you are in an urban area, you are sure to find bits of color in the street side trees. We've pulled together some inspiration below for your Fall senior photography session.

senior boy with yellow trees in the background and leaves on the ground in a fall senior photo session

Find the Fall Color in Central Ohio

One of the perks of living in Central Ohio is the vast number of deciduous trees that change color all season long. Some plants here begin to change as early as late August, and some are still losing their leaves in December, making all of Fall a fantastic time for a colorful session! The exact dates for specific trees can be nearly impossible to predict, but when your photographer is out frequently during the Autumn season, they would know where to find it. I always go for a mix of using yellow, orange, and red trees in the background if possible, as I'm always looking to create maximum variety in your images.

Add a Jacket to Your Senior Session Wardrobe

The air is finally a bit cooler, making Fall the perfect time to bring out one of your favorite jackets, or head to the stores to buy a new one! Whatever you wear to stay warm for football games and tailgate parties also works well when added onto an existing outfit during your senior session. I go all in about wearing a jacket during your senior session here, but for now take a look a these photos for some Fall senior photo jacket inspiration!

high school senior picture at Inniswood wearing jacket

Wear Boots in Your Fall Senior Photos

I don't think there is any footwear that says Fall like boots! Tall boots, short boots, riding boots, trendy boots, over the jeans, under the jeans... they all work great in the Fall senior portrait setting. Choose your favorite to sport during your custom session and we will make sure to get a few full-length images that really show them off. As always, make sure your boots are free of mud and scuffs so they look their best during your session.

Layer Up for Senior Pictures!

Mixing textures and colors can be a great way to spice up your senior wardrobe, especially in photos. Ensure you have selected items that compliment each other well (we can help with that!), but don't be afraid to add layers! As mentioned above, jackets are a great way to do this, but you can also consider hoodies, sweaters, or scarves. It also makes for a quick "look" change without the investment of changing an entire outfit!

gahanna Lincoln high school senior photos girl wearing scarf with Fall trees in background

Accessories Your Senior Session with Fall Must-Haves and Seasonal Props

Are you a pumpkin spice latte fan? Perhaps hot cocoa and s'mores are more your speed. Let's use those! It can be super fun to do some action shots that really show your personality and express exactly how you look in the Fall. Not into food or drink? How about using pumpkins for a few shots to add some of that vibrant Autumn Orange. If you are a football fan, pop a jersey on of your favorite player for a few shots to symbolize the hours you spend watching games with friends. Even better if you play a Fall sport or are in the marching band. Bring your letter jacket, instrument, and game ball to your session to personalize it even more! We do not limit props or creativity, so let's brainstorm together!

senior picture with band instrument at scioto mile

Planning on a Fall Senior Session and Still Need Ideas? We can help! Let's brainstorm together and create something uniquely for you!

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