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Fun and Playful Olentangy Senior Photos

A highlight of Allison's Senior Photography Session

Allison booked her session back in July for October. We knew that she wanted to do something fun that wasn't stuffy and boring, and we knew that she wanted to get some Fall colors. We scheduled her for what is typically peak Fall color weekend in October, but the weather had other plans. Oddly, even with postponing her session, the Fall colors were so extremely late this year (and honestly, a lot of trees went straight from green to brown). Nonetheless, we had a fun session and got some unique senior photos for her!

unique senior pictures in columbus, Ohio

Senior Photography in a Park

After Allison's professional hair and makeup appointment, we met up at a local park that isn't too far from Olentangy High School. Right next door in the City of Westerville, this woods has so many unique spots for senior pictures. The must-have spot with a funhouse treehouse was the main draw to the park, and I was thankful we had a dry day because the area back here can get pretty muddy when it rains.

Fun senior picture in Columbus Ohio

The above was one of Allison's favorite photos from her session, and the below captures her fun spirit in this unique setting.

unique senior picture westerville

Have you ever seen such gorgeous blue eyes as in the photo of her below? Absolutely stunning!

Olentangy senior picture

Although when it comes to headshots, it was hard to decide between the above and the below.

Olentangy High School senior portrait

And of course stopping by the waterfall for a few shots!

Olentangy HS senior portrait

Once she put on her dress we stayed in the back of the park briefly before quickly moving up front to meet up with her mom who was getting her upright bass out of the car.

Lewis Center senior picture flower arch

Absolutely love the way the golden sunlight is hitting the trees behind her as she stands in a patch of rose bushes with her instrument.

Olentangy orchestra senior picture in Lewis Center

Senior Pictures at an Amphitheater

We too her upright bass to a local amphitheater for some senior photos of her on the stage. Surely at Olentangy High School she has performed many times, but this was a very public setting. Allison kept her cool and her confidence when the outdoor seating began to fill with a college class. That would be enough to rock most older adults, but she handled it amazingly well and we got a few more images.

Upright bass senior picture Columbus Ohio

Senior Photos on the Playground

As I mentioned before, this Olentangy student did not want stuffy photos. Fun was a major priority and what is possibly more fun than an actual playground?! The bright colors of the equipment and coming up with different ways for her to pose on it was a fun end to a great evening!

Olentangy unique senior photo

playground senior picture Olentangy High School

Olentangy High School unique senior portrait fun on playground

Olentangy schools senior picture on playground fun and colorful and unique

We wrapped up with her in this hat (you know I love hats!) as the sun set.

Olentangy High School senior photography with hat

Allison was so very sweet and a joy to work with. Her genuine and kind personality was easy to connect with, and I have no doubt she will easily make friends wherever she ends up after high school. In college she will likely be involved in the ROTC program, but hopefully she will still make time for music in her life one way or another. Congratulations, Allison!

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