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Gahanna Lincoln Senior Portraits: Donovan

Gahanna Lincoln High School senior, Donovan, and I began his senior portrait experience at a local park and ended it with downtown Columbus views. This was a great way to showcase two totally different scenes in his final variety of images.

Gahanna yearbook picture of senior in green hooded sweatshirt

Gahanna Lincoln High School Senior Pictures at a Park

Donovan chose Inniswood as his starting location for his senior pictures. We had nice warm day full of sunshine which was great for a walk through the park. He went with a more causal look for a few, wearing a T-shirt that looked great with the colors around him. But one of my favorite looks was actually when he put on his hoodie! I know sometimes parents don't want their senior to wear a hoodie in their session, but let me tell you - LET THEM! See how great these turned out? He looks comfortable and like himself. And that's what this is all about. This is probably what he is wearing when gaming with friends or going out with them to grab a bite to eat. I want these photos to always remind him of all the great experiences he had in high school.

Gahanna senior picture of student leaning against wall and smiling

Gahanna Lincoln senior portrait in Westerville park

Senior Pictures Downtown in a Suit

After the park, we packed up and drove downtown. But on our drive, we noticed a large, dark cloud moving in. We decided that since we were all already down there, we were going to work quick and see if we could get through the session before it rained.

Then he put on this suit. Oh. My. Goodness. How amazing does he look in this suit?! The color, the fit, the style, the confidence in his face... no wonder random strangers were walking by dishing out compliments. This young man is going to rock some serious job interviews in this suit one day! I was thrilled that his parents chose one of these for their wall.

Columbus Senior Portrait of Gahanna Senior in suit in downtown Columbus

A quick way to add some variety is to take off the jacket and roll up your sleeves. By this point the dark cloud had moved out and we thought we were good, but then it started to sprinkle. You can't easily tell in the final images, but he was a good sport even when it started to lightly rain. Fun fact: we spotted a rainbow near the end of his session, and if that isn't good luck on what's to come, I don't know what is.

Columbus Senior Photo downtown of Gahanna Lincoln senior guy

I hope that Donovan takes his focus and sense of humor with him as he graduates and feels confident and brave enough to take some risks to get all that he wants out of life. Congratulations, Donovan!

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