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Graduation Pictures in Westerville

Looking for professional photographs to document your graduation day? We've got you covered! Our Cap & Gown Mini sessions are the perfect way to get some great images of you in your cap & gown and graduation attire in advance of the big day.

Lewis Center Olentangy High School graduation picture in cap and gown

Why do graduation pictures before graduation?

  • Less stressful than trying to get that perfect photo on a busy day

  • Better background

  • Easily include your family

  • You can get creative!

Take Graduation Photos Before Graduation Day to Save Stress

You have worked so hard to earn this diploma, and your graduation day should be one made for celebration! This is the time to worry about getting the perfect image - NOT graduation day! You will want to spend graduation day with your family and friends celebrating, not trying to remember to get a "good" picture before sweating through your gown in the midwest humidity!

Much Better Background for Graduation Pictures

Your graduation ceremony is probably taking place in some type of arena, stadium, or otherwise crowded venue. Is that what you want in the background of the photos of you in your cap and gown? Probably not! By planning a session ahead of time, you can be sure that you are choosing a background that keeps the focus where it belongs - ON YOU!

Include Your Family in your Graduation Pictures

It can be difficult to get a great photo of you with your whole family on graduation day. You are going to have to interrupt someone else's family to ask one of them to take it for you, and that is always awkward. Plus, everyone will be holding things - purses, phones, keys, sweaters, etc. Doing this ahead of time ensures a clutter-free aesthetic!

Get Creative for Your Graduation Photos!

Literally you have your own personal photographer to get the creative shots you don't want to leave to mom to capture! This might be you walking away and looking back, tossing your cap, or holding a special prop of some sort. The floor is yours, and your photographer is there to document any wild, crazy, fun, and unique ideas either of you have!

Let's make it happen! You grab your cap and gown and we will bring our camera : )


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