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Olentangy Orange Senior Photos at Orange Stadium

hat a great afternoon we had up at Olentangy Orange. While we are a proud sponsor of the Olentangy Orange Athletics Program, so it was great to photograph one of the wrestling Pioneers! Like several others I've worked with in the past, he was also a member of the Olentangy Orange Marching Band. This Olentangy Orange High School senior from Lewis Center, Ohio showed off his love of music and marching band, wrestling, and plans to become a firefighter during his custom senior session! Kadon did a fantastic job planning his senior pictures with me and I think they turned out perfect as a result.

Olentangy Orange High School stadium senior pictures under bleachers

Olentangy Orange Marching Band

I have photographed members of the Olentangy Orange Marching Band before, but this was the first time I did it in full uniform up at the high school. On a late Summer afternoon, we met up for a few photos with his instrument and including a few in his Olentangy Orange band uniform. While it can be hot to put the whole uniform on, it is a great way to remember exactly what those Friday nights on the field felt like! There is no doubt that the band uniforms will change over time so showing off what he wore in the early 2020s is going to be even more fun in the future!

Olentangy Orange marching band senior picture in uniform with instrument

Olentangy Orange marching band uniform senior photo on field

Future Firefighter Senior Pictures

Kadon plans to become a firefighter after high school, and has already started his education at the Delaware Area Career Center. While I have photographed many seniors that attend that school, this is the first time I have worked with a firefighter! He wore this hoodie to represent this area of interest, and once I spotted this yellow fire hydrant, I knew we had to use it in the background of at least a few! Thankful he was on board with this suggestion.

DACC senior picture of Olentangy Orange senior in firefighter hoodie

Lewis Center senior picture with fire hydrant future firefighter senior picture

Olentangy senior picture of Delaware Area Career Center student with fire hydrant

Best Lewis Center senior photographer picture of Olentangy Orange student with fire hydrant

Olentangy Orange Wrestling Senior Photos

As if Kadon wasn’t busy enough with marching band and attending two schools, he is also a member of the Olentangy Orange High School wrestling team! Instead of wearing his singlet or bringing it as a prop, he ended up wearing a wrestling tee shirt instead. Can we talk about how great he looks in blue?!

Olentangy Orange wrestler in Lewis Center senior picture

Casual Olentangy Orange senior picture wearing wrestling tee shirt in front of brick wall

Wrestling senior picture of Olentangy Orange student in Lewis Center wearing tee shirt

Olentangy Orange High School Building

The brick on the side of the building was a complimentary backdrop to him wearing this dark blue shirt so we did a few over there, of course. Structures like brick buildings leave a lot of posing options and we had some fun over there.

Olentangy Orange brick wall senior picture in Lewis Center, Ohio

Olentangy Orange headshot senior picture for yearbook

We photograph Olentangy Orange High School seniors regularly, and they are always some of my favorite people. If your Olentangy (or other district) senior is looking for photos, get in touch! We photograph everywhere in Central Ohio and would love to create something unique for your senior.


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