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Olentangy Orange Senior Pictures

Does your teen attend one of the Olentangy high schools such as Olentangy Orange? We understand that they may have a specific photo that is required for use in the yearbook, but that doesn't mean that your senior doesn't deserve a whole lot more! The senior portrait experiences of today are nothing like they were 20 years ago, and they take place regardless of what the school photographer does.

olentangy orange senior picture in teal dress at Park of Roses

Do I Need to do Senior Portraits for my Olentangy Orange Senior?

A senior portrait experience is so much more than a quick photo. This is a chance to celebrate your senior and all of their accomplishments. It's a chance to document who they are - with their personality - not just a quick click with a line of other seniors waiting. It gives them a chance to decide how they want to be remembered. This highly-personalized experience takes into consideration what your teen wants AND what you want, so they can have the experience they deserve. Not only will this experience give you both some amazing memories, but you will have images that mean more to you with each passing day as they transition to their adult lives.

Olentangy Orange senior photo in high school stadium with soccer ball

Olentangy Orange Music in Senior Photos

For teens in the band, this can be a full-time gig in the Fall. If you know, you know, right? So it is only natural that these seniors want to show off their musical gear during their session! And maybe even a uniform, jacket, or tee! I always welcome this as it becomes a way to help tell their high school story. Some of these students will go on to march in high school or a drum corp, and others will pack away their instrument for good once they cross that stage. In either case, documenting this special interest of theirs is so important.

Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band member in uniform for senior photo
Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band member in uniform for senior picture
Olentangy Orange Marching Band senior picture
Olentangy Orange Marching Band senior photo against unique music mural

Olentangy Orange Athletics in Senior Photos

Much like the marching band, athletes spend hours upon hours each week (sometimes daily) to perfect their skills in their chosen sport. Many of them talk about playing in college if they are selected, but still others are ready to put away their competitive hat and move on to rec leagues only, as time permits. It can be hard to imagine your senior without a those late nights driving back from a tournament or without those 5am conditioning, but one day those will only be a memory. That's why I LOVE when a student wants to showcase anything related to their sport.

Olentangy Orange in Lewis Center senior picture of soccer player in uniform action shot

Take for example, this Olentangy Orange soccer captain. We started her session at Olentangy Orange High School stadium where she wore two different uniforms for her photos. We did part of her session in the stands and part on the field for a ton of variety before going to another location. I actually wrote a whole post about it here for some stadium inspiration!

Sometimes teens are less interested in heading into home field/court/etc. That was the case with this Olentangy Orange swimmer who simply wore a hoodie and goggles for a few shots in front of a pond. We were still able to represent and document this activity he had dedicated so much to, but we did it right there on site with the rest of his photos.

Olentangy Orange swim team senior photo wearing hoodie and goggles by pond

Another example is this basketball player from Olentangy Orange High School. We had originally discussed going into a gym for his senior photos (which is also super fun), but ultimately since the location I found met everything on his checklist, we simply used the outdoor court there!

Olentangy Orange basketball senior pictures action shot playing basketball at park
Olentangy Orange High School basketball team member senior photo with basketball at park

Scheduling Senior Pictures for Olentangy Orange High School Students

If you are ready to give your senior the experience they deserve, we would love to talk more about your vision. Whether it is on the field or off the field, with their instrument or ball or simply a school sweatshirt, their experience and dedication warrants proper photos to help them remember it all. These images are great for senior albums, end of year school slideshows, graduation party decorations, and so much more. Ultimately, they are a keepsake for you and your senior so you can always remember exactly who they are right now. Please note that as of this writing yearbook photos are handled directly through the school (you know, that quick image they take one by one of everyone) and any questions relating to that should go to your school staff. We can't wait to talk to you more about your senior!


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