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Record Store Senior Pictures

Love music? You can't beat the vibe of an independent record store for senior pictures! When Thomas Worthington High School senior, Arianna, suggested this unique setting for her custom senior session, I knew we were going to create something different!

unique senior picture in a record store in columbus, ohio

Record Store Senior Pictures

The great thing about this record store was that it was set up to show off the vibe. Everywhere you looked there were records. Records in the racks, records on the wall, records on shelves, and records in boxes. The vibe was right for a senior session!

sitting on the floor in senior picture at record store in columbus ohio

Senior Photos Inside a Record Store

Thankfully it wasn't too busy on this rainy day inside the record store for Arianna's senior pictures! We were able to do her senior photography session throughout the store with very little stops for customers that were shopping the selection. I loved using the aisle ways and having her lean on or look through the records! Created some super unique poses that we can't get outside of a venue like this!

columbus ohio senior picture inside independent record store with records on walls

Senior Photography in a Record Store

We were able to find a few hidden areas for more pictures during her senior session and they turned out really nice! This venue was as dark as we expected, since the walls were covered in records instead of windows. I brought with me all the lighting that was needed for such a session indoors.

record store senior picture in columbus ohio of girl holding skirt

candid headshot senior photo in record store

Senior Pictures Outside of the Record Store

After spending some time indoors, we pulled out the clear umbrella and did a few more outside in the rain! This was such a great way to end her Thomas Worthington senior picture session! Again, another unique idea showcased in her portraits!

senior picture in columbus on street full of shops in the rain with clear umbrella

senior photo in the rain with a clear umbrella with theatre in the background on columbus ohio street

If you are thinking about planning a unique senior session, we can help! We love bringing session visions to life! Don't have any ideas? No problem! We can help with that, too! Get in touch to learn more!


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