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Senior Pictures with Shoes: Luke, Westerville North High School

If anyone knows Luke, you know he is all about the shoes! We actually planned our session around which of his shoes he planned to wear, and it worked out really nicely. Luke chose two different locations which gave us a lot of options to get some variety in his final images in both a park-like setting as well as more of an urban look.

Westerville North senior picture of guy at Inniswood near fence

Westerville North Senior Photos at a Park

Luke wore a couple pairs of shoes at the park and changed his outfits to match. I think the images in the orange jersey were a favorite for everyone!

Westerville North senior poses for picture at Inniswood

WNHS senior picture leaning against wall in orange jersey

Westerville North senior portrait wearing orange jersey against stone wall

Showcasing the Shoes in Uptown Westerville Senior Photos

We headed into uptown for a couple more looks as we walked around the different color buildings and architecture.

Westerville North High School senior photo sitting against blue wall in uptown Westerville

WNHS senior poses for photo in Westerville Ohio on fire escape

I was incredibly impressed with how Luke runs his business of selling shoes. I had so many questions that he easily answered as we walked around the locations. But even with that, he is really laid back with a good sense of humor. He really does have both street smarts and book smarts. Congratulations, Luke!


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