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Senior Pictures with Twins; Gahanna Lincoln High School

If you are experiencing senior year with twins, you've got twice the deadlines and twice the planning on your hands! Thankfully, we can make senior portraits the easiest of them all. You may be wondering if they should do their session separate or together, and we can do it either way! Check out this inspirational twins session below for a session with both individual and sibling photos.

twin senior picture in Columbus Ohio of Gahanna Lincoln seniors

Twin Senior Portraits

These two have spent their entire lives together, so of course it makes sense to do some senior photographs together during their senior portrait session! It is important to document the special twin relationship as they transition from childhood to adulthood, as their lives may take different directions after high school. While I am always in favor of people bringing their siblings for senior pictures, I very strongly encourage them to do so when there are twins. Whether one joins the end of the other's session or they do a combined session, these photos together are always a favorite!

senior pictures of twins in Columbus Ohio near Gahanna Lincoln

Gahanna Lincoln senior pictures of twins near Westerville

Photographing Each Twin Individually for Senior Pictures

We believe that each senior is different. Each senior has a different vision and their own unique hobbies, interests, and style. Therefore it is important to photograph each twin individually during a portrait session whether they do them together or on different days.

This gives us a moment to individually express their personality and create something for the wall and the yearbook solo.

Gahanna Lincoln senior picture in flower field in Westerville

Gahanna Lincoln senior picture with instrument marching band senior photo near Westerville with flowers

Senior Pictures of Twins Together

It's important we coordinate outfits for best results. This is nothing like dressing twin newborns and toddlers in exact matching outfits, but rather we simply ensure that the look they each choose compliments the other. We look for similarity in seasonality of the outfits, color palettes, and style. Whether the session be twin guys or girls, it's important to have some consistency and flow between their outfits! This is something we discuss as we plan out the session together!

Gahanna senior pictures of twins on a stone bridge

Ideally we come away with not only some great poses with twins, but also some shots that really show off their relationship. No reason to be serious in all of the photos when twins are together!

Twin senior pictures on bridge gahanna Lincoln senior picture

Individual Senior Photos of Twins

While documenting a set of twins in senior pictures, we always want to get a few individual photos of each twin as well. I love this yellow backdrop with the yellow shirt she chose below!

But then here we chose a floral backdrop for this classy skirt and sweater of her sister.

Gahanna luxury senior portrait of high school senior looking over shoulder

Working with twins on senior photographs is such a fun experience. Not only are we able to document the special bond between twin siblings, but we are also able to capture each individual personality. There is a little more planning involved in outfits and locations so that we are able to accommodate both individual visions during our time together but the results are always worth it! Let's talk about how we can make the senior session of your dreams become a reality!


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