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Tennis Court Senior Pictures in Westerville

After spending years on the court, it is only natural to do a few of your senior pictures there! Ironically, this senior and I did talk about using the tennis court but he had decided against it. We happened to be up at the school anyway, though, so we decided to take advantage of the court for just a few shots and the results were worth it!

Westerville North High School Tennis

So clearly from these photos you can see that we were up at Westerville North High School. The athletic facilities have come a long way since I was a high school senior, and I kind of love it as a photographer. While we could have gone to any tennis court, there is something extra special and meaningful about being on your home court. I have had some students wear their uniform for photos, but I actually really like that he did not in this case.

Westerville North tennis senior picture on tennis court with racket

I'm glad he had his racket and a few tennis balls with him (it may have taken more than a few attempts to get exactly what I was looking for in this image!). Not only was it fun to watch him in action, but it made for some great shots as well.

Westerville North boys tennis senior photo action shot hitting tennis ball

We also did a few casual poses with his tennis racket and without. With him wearing jeans and flannel, it helped promote that casual look while also showcasing one of his main hobbies. That smile, too!

Westerville North senior pictures of varsity tennis player leaning on fence

If you are thinking about showcasing your favorite sport in your senior photos, let's talk in more detail about the options! Sometimes seniors like to go to their home field/court and sometimes they bring equipment on location elsewhere. Check out this other tennis session of a Worthington Christian senior that was not on a tennis court!

Looking for inspiration on other sports? Here are some highlights from a gymnast, soccer player, baseball player, and basketball player. Play another sport? I have probably done that, too! Get in touch to learn more!


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