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Theatre Senior Pictures in Columbus, Ohio; Maely's Senior Portrait Session Part 1

I’ve had an increase in students over the last year or so that have been involved with their school theatre department, and I was thrilled when Maely wanted to show off that talent of hers during her session! Maely came to me all the way from Missouri and it was such a treat to have her in Columbus for this special experience! We also wanted to somehow showcase her love of reading using some of her favorite books, which I will write about in another blog post. It was time to get creative!

theatre senior picture on a stage with red curtain

Senior Photos in a Theatre

It’s so important to me that we showcase a student’s personality and interests during their session. I want to make sure we are creating something unique for THEM and not the same things everyone else is doing. The hobbies and activities that are such a big part of someone’s life as a senior may change after high school. So whenever possible, I like to document that part of their life while we can.

Maely has a special interest in theatre. She is very involved in her school as well as competing outside of school. How cool is that? I didn’t even know that exited until she told me about it, but what a great way to make friends and improve your stage skills! I knew when I first spoke with her family that we needed to do the first part of her session in a theatre!

senior picture of theatre student on stage near Lewis Center ohio

Senior Pictures on a Stage

We couldn’t possibly use a theatre space and not use the stage! I love the way the stage lighting comes down to illuminate the stage and I filled in with some of my own lighting to create this look. While a little more dramatic than some of my outdoor work, drama is made for the stage!

The theatre stage can feel so small from the back row, but when you are alone up there, it is so so big!

theatre senior picture in front of red stage curtain

Senior Photos with Stage Curtain

Of course we absolutely had to use the stage curtain as a backdrop for some of her senior pictures! Nothing says "theatre" more than a bold red curtain. I love how it coordinated so nicely with the flannel and top she chose for her senior session. Her accessories added some personality and showed off her style.

After an outfit change, we used the curtain once again with this white top and black pants. I like to maximize variety during our sessions by throwing in a few outfit changes at each location. We carefully pre-planned what she was going to wear during our Style Consult and everything turned out so perfectly!

After some time on the stage and in the seats of the auditorium, we moved to a different location to show off her love of reading and so much more! That will be highlighted in a different blog post because there is too much to share in one place!

Are you looking to showcase your love of theatre during your session? Have a different passion you’d like to show off? Let’s talk! I would love to customize something just for you!


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