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Upper Arlington High School Senior Photos: Paul

Paul attends Upper Arlington High School in Upper Arlington, Ohio, but headed into Westerville for his senior portrait experience. We stared at a hidden park that I absolutely love with gorgeous golden sunlight - exactly what they requested when we first started planning his session.

Upper Arlington senior photo of guy on bridge in Westerville park

Senior Pictures with his Dog

Paul brought his dog, Josie, to his session which is basically the best idea ever. I was happy to be able to document the relationship he has with the dog he has grown up with.

Senior photo with dog in Westerville Ohio sitting on bridge over wetlands

Senior picture with dog during golden hour in Westerville

Senior portrait with dog on bridge at golden hour of Upper Arlington High School senior in Westerville

I absolutely love this location for the unique scenery and the way the sun sets behind the park in the evening. The golden light comes through so beautifully and it isn't crowded. One of the things that was special about this session is that we were able to capture Paul with his long hair before he cut it. Maybe in the future he will have long hair again, but if not, he will always be able to look back at these images and remember that time in his life where it fell to his shoulders and was long enough to put in a ponytail.

Upper Arlington senior picture of guy in blue shirt in golden sunlight

Senior portrait in field in Westerville with sun setting in the background

Upper Arlington senior and rowing crew athlete sits for yearbook pictures

senior picture of Upper Arlington teen at Westerville wetlands with sun setting

Part 2: Upper Arlington Senior Pictures

Since we planned his session so early in the school year, we were able to break his session into two different parts and continue with his senior portrait experience after his hair was cut! This was a special way to do his senior pictures because we could have both his long hair and his short hair to show both looks he had during senior year.

Upper Arlington senior picture in flower field in Fall

Traditional senior photo of Upper Arlington teen in Westerville park

We had a really late Fall this year, so we didn't have as much color in the trees as we normally would in September, but we found plenty of cool places to hang out anyway. He is very witty - I think we spent half of his session laughing!

Casual senior picture in Westerville park of guy wearing a hat

casual senior photo in Westerville of guy with hat in woods

Fun senior picture experience in Westerville Ohio with teen sitting in funhouse treehouse

classic outdoor senior photo in Westerville of guy wearing blue shirt near flowers and trees

When we weren't making jokes, we talked about Josie, his rowing crew experience, and his plans after high school. His whole family is so kind and I was glad they were able to be a part of the experience from beginning to end. Paul is incredibly smart and has the focus needed to be successful as a philosophy and neuroscience major in college, on a pre-med track. With his intelligence and genuine care for nature and others, it will be exciting to see how he changes the world! Congratulations, Paul!

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