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Westerville Central Senior Pictures

Are you a Westerville Central High School junior or senior? Congratulations! One of your biggest milestones is here and it's time to schedule senior photos. We know you probably have a lot of questions about the process, and we are here to help! Your first step is finding a senior photographer and we can walk you through all of that here!

Westerville Senior Photo in Varsity Jacket

What are the yearbook requirements for Westerville Central Senior Photos?

First things first! It is important that you follow the yearbook requirements at whatever school you attend, whether it is Westerville Central High School or elsewhere. This will ensure your senior photo may be included in the yearbook. You will specifically want to verify if there is a requirement for the image to be portrait or landscape orientation (horizontal or vertical). In most cases, images must be portrait-oriented. Another consideration is the type of crop that can be used. Some schools allow full-body or headshot style photos, or anything in between. We provide a wide variety of images for you to choose from, and we will help you do that. As of this writing, Westerville Central High School requires head and shoulders only and the image must be at least 1MB or larger. This is to ensure the image is of high enough quality to be reproduced into the yearbook. We will walk you through the whole process of selecting your yearbook image and ensuring you have a file size that meets your yearbook needs. Sometimes requirements change over time, so it is necessary to always check with your school yearbook coordinator even if you had a sibling graduate a few years before you.

Westerville Central Baseball Senior Photo of variety baseball player in Warhawk jersey

Senior Photos of Westerville Central students

Each year we are lucky to photograph many students from Westerville Central High School for their senior photos. We love being able to freeze time for these families and capture their seniors just as they are. Sometimes these seniors will show off their Warhawk pride by bringing a jersey or uniform to their session, or even a letter jacket. Your senior has accomplished so much by their senior year whether it is in academics, marching band, or sports, and we'd love to highlight those accomplishments through their senior portraits. We also photograph students from Westerville North High School, Westerville South High School, and seniors from many other local districts including Olentangy and Gahanna. While we do offer an exclusive experience, we are not exclusive to photographing Westerville seniors!

Westerville Ohio senior photo of Central high School student in Uptown Westerville on fire escape

Choosing a Senior Photographer for your Westerville Central High School Student

This is a once in a lifetime experience for your senior, and an investment for you in portraits for your walls to be enjoyed for decades to come. We know it can be an overwhelming process. You may not have been through this before, or perhaps it has been a while since your older child was a senior. That's why we walk our clients through every step of the process. I want to make this easy by breaking down our senior portrait experience below. First, a senior portrait experience should be as unique as your senior! That's why we take the time to get to know you and your senior before their session so we can cater it to your needs from beginning to end. No two seniors are alike, and their sessions shouldn't be either. Together we will determine the best location to fit your vision. With over a decade photographing in Central Ohio, we will have plenty of suggestions! Some Westerville Central students are happy to stay close to home with sessions at Inniswood or Uptown Westerville. Some prefer to head to Creekside in Gahanna for creek views or even downtown Columbus for the skyline and urban setting. We also work with our seniors on what to wear, providing a detailed prep guide and offering outfit/style review before the session. All of this is an important step in ensuring your senior's experience is a great one and that they actually enjoy their session!

Colorful Senior Picture in Westerville near Columbus, Ohio in bold yellow sweater with timeless smile

Since not everyone is photographed often, and some seniors worry that they won't "look good in photos", we think it is important to have a photographer that is experienced in posing and working with seniors. Our goal is to bring out genuine smiles in your senior by making them feel comfortable and confident during our time together. We aim to create a variety of images during the session in multiple outfits and expressions so you have plenty to choose from. Sessions themselves are SO MUCH FUN even for guys who don't love photos! Our images are then fully edited, so your senior doesn't need to worry about a minor breakout or a bruise from practice the day before. Our editing style is timeless and classic so your images always remind you of this moment in time.

Senior Photo of Westerville Central teen wearing OSU T-shirt and cap

Our favorite part of the process is revealing the images that were created during our time together. Instead of emailing digital pictures assuming you'll know when/where/how to print or enjoy them, we are there for this step, too! We work with the best print labs in the country to provide you with quality products that are actually going to look good on your walls for years to come. In fact, we use our experience to actually help you decide what to print and where to put it. If you are also interested in keeping a copy of the digital images, we offer those as well. The important thing to know is that we have flexibility in our offerings so you can decide how YOU would like to enjoy these special images.

Senior Portrait of Westerville Central student near Columbus, OH smiling with glasses headshot

If you are looking for an experienced photographer to provide you and your Westerville Central or other high school senior with a full-service experience so you know you are doing this right, let's talk! You can find more information about our senior experience on our website. We can't wait to customize something just for you!


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