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Westerville North Football Player: Nathan

We've gathered some highlights from a senior photography session with Westerville North Varsity Football player, Nathan. He is also a top wrestler for Westerville North High School and we were able to showcase that in his senior photo session also. But first, we started a park for a more traditional senior picture experience in the woods with some stunning Fall color in the trees.

Westerville North Football player

Westerville North Fall Senior Pictures

Nothing says Fall like a woods full of vibrant red, yellow, and orange leaves. Since Nathan is a varsity football player, we opted to wait until football season was over before doing his senior portrait session. Luckily, it was a late Fall this past year, so we were able to take advantage of the color even in mid-November! It was a cold, cold day though!

Senior picture of Westerville North senior in Fall in gray sweater

WNHS yearbook picture

Westerville North High School fall senior picture

Senior Pictures with Truck

You already know I'm all about seniors personalizing their session, and when you have a truck you love, bring it! We found a great spot to park this pick-up for a few photos.

Senior picture with truck Columbus Ohio

Senior photo with pickup truck Columbus Ohio

Westerville North High School Wrestler

Nathan is a wrestler for WNHS, so we needed to make sure that somehow we showcased that during his senior session. Here we had his jersey and gear out on the bleachers!

Westerville North wrestler senior picture

WNHS Wrestling senior photo in stadium

WNHS Varsity Football Player Senior Picture

Next up it was time to showcase Nathan's love for football. We got some great shots on the bleachers and then went to his home field for some photos. He was definitely comfortable there - clearly he has spent a lot of Friday nights in this place with the student section going crazy in the stands. I know it will be missed after high school, but hopefully football will always be a part of his life.

WNHS athlete with football in stadium

Westerville North varsity football player

Westerville North Jim McCann stadium senior photo

Westerville North letter jacket worn by WNHS football player

WNHS football field senior picture

Nathan was great to work with! The weather turned VERY cold during his session, with snow falling once we made it to the football field. But as a football player who has put in many hours of hard work on the field in all weather conditions, he wasn't even phased by this at all. While no doubt he has plenty of action shots of him on the field during games, it was fun to be a part of slowing down the time there on session day and getting some posed shots with his equipment. When you work with an athlete like this, you can see that hard work and determination become second nature to them. Nathan is absolutely ready for college and beyond with this skillset and his laid back attitude. Congratulations, Nathan, and cheers to all that is next!

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