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Westerville South Drumline Senior Pictures: Landon, Class of 2022

Westerville South High School senior, Landon, is active in the marching band throughout the Fall. During that time, the week is spent practicing for upcoming performances and Friday nights are spent entertaining the crowd. Shortly after marching band season ends, the indoor drumline season starts. Indoor drumline is an extremely competitive and intense musical performance experience. Practices are long, lasting an entire weekend at a time to prepare for major competitions throughout the Winter months.

Westerville South drumline stadium senior pictures

Like many seniors, his schedule was pretty full. Thankfully they reached out to me early enough to secure a session date right in between the two drumline experiences! But it didn't work out exactly as planned... the first day started out beautiful, but just before session time the wind picked up and it was BAD. As an Ohio photographer, I never expect perfect weather days here, and a mild or gusty wind can be tolerated (and is pretty much expected). But this was a whole new level. We left the Westerville South High School stadium without any photos we could use and decided to try our second location. Unfortunately, the wind continued to pick up and we had to call it a day. In an unlikely coincidence of rain on each new date we chose, it took several attempts before we finally had his senior portrait experience! But it was worth the wait!

Westerville South senior picture in Uptown Westerville sitting on step

Westerville South High School Stadium Photos

We started Landon's senior session in the Westerville South High School stadium. This is, after all, where he spent quite a bit of time with the rest of the drumline. He brought his tenors and played for a bit out there.

Westerville South stadium senior picture with drums

Westerville South drumline senior picture on football field close up of drumsticks on drums

unique senior picture of Westerville South High School drumline student on field playing drums

Drumline Photos off the Field

Since a drummer doesn't stop when the game or competition ends, we thought it might be fun to take the drumsticks out to our next location. This was a chance at some casual shots that showcase his favorite hobby and I love how they turned out.

casual senior picture with drumsticks in Uptown Westerville

Uptown Westerville Pictures

We spent the rest of our time in uptown walking around the different buildings and various backdrops for photos. He wore a couple of outfits for some extra variety and we had a great time in the urban setting.

uptown Westerville senior picture of South student wearing yellow against brick wall

Park Senior Pictures

We finished our session by heading to a nearby park for some photos in nature. We were so lucky that this year was a late Fall, and although it was early December by now, we even found a tree or two with some Fall color. At this location he wore a couple more outfits and put his Westerville South High School letter jacket on to end the day the way we began.

Westerville South senior picture in a park holding glasses

Westerville South High School senior picture in park in Fall with colorful tree behind him

I enjoyed getting to listen to Landon drum at the Westerville South stadium! It was fun to see him showcase his talent and dedication to the instrument. I'm excited for him to spend his senior year Winter marching for Cap City, and hope he is able to somehow continue his drumline experience after high school. Congratulations, Landon!


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