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Westerville South High School Softball Senior Pictures with Allison

Allison has spent years as a softball player, so we had to showcase this during her senior picture session! As a member of the Westerville South High School varsity softball team, it seemed like an great option to use her home field for some of her senior photographs. With the backdrop of her school building, stadium, and dugout, it really was the perfect location for senior pictures!

Westerville South varsity softball senior picture in dugout

Softball Pictures in Dugout

As you can see above and below, using the dugout for softball senior pictures can be super fun. Not only are the school colors and name present, but this is certainly where she has spent a lot of time throughout the years supporting her team when she was not on the field. With the bench in there, we have some posing options that we don't have on the field such as seated poses with her softball bat. I love having the Westerville South school name and the word "softball" on the red wall in the background behind her!

I framed the shot below to showcase the word "South" which is the nickname for Westerville South High School if you are local to the Westerville area. Again, the school colors in the background complimented her letter jacket so well!

Westerville South senior picture with softball bat in dugout

Softball Field Senior Pictures Against Fence

Right along the edge of the softball field at Westerville South (and most stadiums and fields at that) is the perfect chain link fence we could use for posing. Whether she leaned against it or peered through the fence, it was a great asset to her photo session! In the one below, I carefully framed the word "softball" into the shot once again!

Westerville senior picture on softball field leaning against fence

sports senior picture in softball uniform in Westerville Ohio senior portrait

Literally love the one below so much! And that fence was COLD that day! I can't even tell you how cold it was for Allison's session but I can say she is one tough athlete!

unique senior picture in Westerville wearing softball jersey looking through fence

Westerville south letter jacket senior picture at softball field

Senior Pictures with Softball and Glove on Field

We couldn't possible do her high school senior photo session at the varsity softball field and not actually stand in the dirt for a few photos!

fun softball senior picture candid photo in Westerville Ohio

I love the casual nature of the one on the pitcher's mound with her laughing! I was selective and intentional with my backdrop to be able to get the softball scoreboard, school stadium, and Westerville South High School in the background. Below, I did it again but with a more serious look as she tossed the ball perfectly into the air for this photo!

Westerville senior portrait with softball editorial style photo near Columbus

There is nothing better than showcasing athletes in their sport! Whether it be baseball or softball or anything other sport, there is a special magic created when we customize a session to show off how they have spent so much of their time in high school. Let's talk about how we can customize something just for you or your senior!


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