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Worthington Christian Senior Pictures

Connor from Worthington Christian High School in Worthington Ohio chose to do his senior portrait experience on an August day right as school was beginning. There are SO many reasons to do senior photos in the Summer, including getting them done before the busy senior year begins. This is exactly what Connor did! This way he was also able to enjoy and share them sooner and have them ready for any use he may have during senior year.

Worthington Christian senior pictures at Westerville park wearing blue shirt in front of field and fence

Worthington Christian Senior Pictures

This Worthington Christian senior chose Inniswood Metro Garden in Westerville for his senior session. It isn’t far from Worthington, which makes it a great place to go! There is so much variety in this park and with a few outfit changes from him, we really maximized the variety in his final gallery. We learned early in the session that this blue looked absolutely amazing on him! It really brought out his eyes and popped against the green grass.

Worthington Christian senior picture wearing blue hoodie in park in Westerville near Worthington, Ohio

Dressy Worthington Christian Senior Portraits

Connor put in a button up shirt and tie and looked so sharp! This park in Westerville is a great location for a few dressed up shots.

Worthington Christian senior picture wearing dressy shirt and tie leaning on post

Baseball casual

We did have a quick bit of rain during his session and paused for a bit under a roof to wait it out. Summer showers usually don’t last long, and this was the case during his session. While we were waiting, we decided to move forward with anything we could do under cover and that included a few shots with his baseball gear. Sometimes guys don’t want to put on their uniform for photos, or they have plenty of action shots taken during the games and want something different. I LOVE the casual look of the button up shirt and baseball glove and baseball. It worked out perfectly and this photo set-up became a family favorite! Whether these photos took place in Worthington, Ohio or anywhere else, it shows off his passion and experience with the sport which is what is most important!

casual baseball senior picture in Westerville of Worthington Christian High School senior

Baseball Jersey Senior Photos

Another option to show off an athlete’s sport is to wear a school or club jersey without the full uniform. This is exactly what we did here with his black jersey. Mom had a few ideas he was willing to try and I was on board with any of it! As long as my seniors are having fun, I’m happy and can pretty much make anything work : ) In this set of photos, I put the trees far in the background and kept the focus on Connor and his love of baseball.

Worthington Senior Photographer picture of baseball player in a park with glove

Casual Worthington Christian Senior Pictures

This pink shirt was another top that really popped on him, and against the green of the woods! What I loved about this shirt is that we were able to create some wall art from these poses that went nicely with his older sister’s pink dress that she wore in her senior photos. This experience is about giving the seniors a good time but also creating a lasting piece of art for the senior and family to enjoy for a lifetime on the walls of their home. It means so much to me that they were able to coordinate and print photos from both sessions so they could be enjoyed long after the “kids” move out!

Worthington Christian senior picture in pink shirt on bench

Are you a Worthington Christian family? We would love to showcase your senior! If you are looking for sports or baseball or softball inspiration, we can help with that, too! Each session is fully customized to fit the individual senior, so the sky is the limit! Let’s talk about how we can make senior portraits a great experience for your senior!


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