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Wrestling Senior Pictures at Olentangy High School

As a wrestler from Olentangy High School, it only made sense to begin Zach's session where he spends a lot of his time - in the wrestling room! I met him up at Olentangy High School and we headed up the stairs to the room where they practice with his wrestling gear and metals. I brought extra lighting knowing the room might be a little dark, but we also planned on doing some photos with a more dramatic look. This session was so much fun!

Olentangy high school senior picture of wrestling senior photo against mat in wrestling room

Unique Wrestling Pictures

There are so many ways an athlete can showcase their sport. From tee shirts to uniforms to parks or fields, the options are really endless. But when Zach came to me with the idea of some more dramatic photos where the background was darker and the lighting was on him, I was extra excited! I have done similar things in the past, and I always love how it turns out!

unique senior picture at olentangy high school of wrestling senior
olentangy high school senior picture wrestling senior picture

He has worked so hard to earn the wins he has, and I was thrilled he was willing to bring his metals and let me showcase them on the mat. This is the kind of photo he may look back on in 20-30 years and it will mean even more to him than today. Seeing those accomplishments in one image is a great way to bring back memories of a high school wrestling career!

senior picture with metals of olentangy wrestling senior photo

Wrestling senior picture in Columbus ohio with wrestling metals at olentangy high school

He later changed out of his uniform and pulled off a more casual look with the Olentangy High School wrestling tee shirt and jeans. This room is one of my favorite indoor school spaces I've used for senior pictures! I just love the "Be Brave" on the wall. (It also made for some good jokes, or at least I thought I was funny....). I also thought it was fun that they had the wall of accolades so we had to get that in the background of a few.

Olentangy High School Senior Photos

We stepped outside the athletic entrance to use the doors and the school as a background for a few more pictures. I love getting a lot of variety during senior sessions because I know this is likely the last time seniors will be professionally photographed for many years.

Adding a letter jacket is a quick way to get a different "look" without a full outfit change. If you have invested in a letter jacket, you should definitely wear it for senior photos!

olentangy high school letter jacket senior picture

Olentangy senior picture with letter jacket

There was so much I loved about Zach's session that it isn't even fitting into one blog post. After this we went to a park for some pictures with his sweet dog and a natural backdrop including trees and a creek. Zach is obviously a hard-working individual with focus and determination, and definitely a sense of humor! I am excited for him to have a fun and memorable senior year!

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