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Your Senior Summer Bucket List

Junior year of high school has ended and you are FINALLY a senior! It's time to celebrate and live it up because it may be your last Summer before parting ways for college or jobs. Make your list early and stay on it so the months don't slip by without checking off your fav experiences. We've compiled a few of our favorite Summer activities to do with your group of besties before senior year starts in August!

close up photo of sparkler for high school senior summer independence day list of activities

Roadtrip with Friends!

There is literally nothing better than a trip with your friends! Whether you go with one of your families or head out on the road on your own, this is guaranteed to make some amazing memories! You could choose something close, like visiting a college campus nearby or something with a longer drive like the beach. Windows down, music up, and non-stop laughter will make this one of your favorite experiences to re-live, and plenty of jokes you'll laugh about later.

Westerville senior photo with yellow car teen leaning on car

Sparklers & Fireworks in Central Ohio

Can you beat a mid-western 4th of July? We don't think so! Put on your red, white, and blue, and celebrate Independence Day the best way we know how around here - fireworks and sparklers! If you are working on the night your city does a display, check out Westerville, Gahanna, Sunbury, Powell, and Lewis Center fireworks for another nearby option. Or go to more than one! Bring some sparklers for some guaranteed fun and cool photos once it gets dark. (Is there anything better than sparkler photos and fun!?).

bucket of sparklers fun high school senior activities in Columbus ohio

Outdoor Dining with Friends in Powell or Westerville

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic is the explosion of outdoor dining! So many restaurants have opened up patios and we don't hate it! Some of our top picks in the area include Kitchen Social (Polaris), Northstar Cafe (Westerville), The Royce (Polaris), and Giammarcos (Westerville). Grab some friends and get some brunch on a day off or stay out late when the lights come on. Guaranteed good food and fun, and an activity you can really only enjoy in Summer in Ohio!

senior photo of boy in uptown westerville with glasses

Summertime Shopping

Obviously you are looking for some new outfits to add to your wardrobe before heading back to senior year. Plus, you have senior photos coming up and probably want a few new pieces for that as well. Check out a local boutique for something no one else has, or head to the mall at Polaris or Easton to see what's new and pick out some things with your besties. Start thinking about what you are going to want to wear to some of your senior year special events and don't forget about new shoes!

high school senior photo with views of downtown in Columbus, Ohio

Ice Cream Date!

Nothing says Summer like Ice Cream! Head to one of the best places in town for a cool treat! Some fun suggestions: Jini's , Greater's, Orange Leaf, Whits, and so many more!

Senior summer bucket list friends photo session with ice cream

Outdoor Movie in Columbus

Can you imagine living somewhere that you can watch an outdoor movie all year long? Here we'd be bundled up in blankets drinking hot chocolate half the year, so we reserve this as a Summer bucket list item. Get a group together and attend a movie hosted by your local city parks and recreation department or gathering area nearby. If you have a big enough group, chances are someone in your crew already has a projector. No need for a screen - simply use a closed garage door or windowless part of the house. Get some snacks (like ALLLLLL the snacks!) and stay out all night!

close up of popcorn for outdoor movie night summer activity in Central Ohio

Have any other ideas? We'd love to hear what you have planned! Don't forget to schedule your senior photo session now so you will be ready for the BEST experience of senior year!


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