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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Senior Pictures

Senior pictures are such a special milestone marking all of your accomplishments up to this point. We've made a list of mistakes to avoid when preparing for your senior portrait session. This may be your last time to be photographed professionally until your wedding, and maybe the only time you will have this experience that is all about YOU. Let's make sure it is done right!

Mistake #1 to Avoid: Getting a Haircut

Let's be clear - you certainly CAN get a haircut. Just don't do it right before the session! Most likely your hairstyle looks most natural once it is a few days to a couple weeks out from a cut anyway, so there is no need to rush and squeeze in a cut the day before the session. Furthermore, you risk having something you don't like about the cut and not having time to fix it before the session.

Gahanna Lincoln senior picture of teen wearing hoodie against white wall

Mistake #2 to Avoid: Lack of Variety in Outfits

This is YOUR session and your chance to totally express yourself! Don't feel boxed in or limited to choosing only 1 outfit to be remembered by. This is your opportunity to wear something that shows off your sporty side, your dressy side, your casual side, your musical side, and anything else you love! So do it up - bring several outfits that fit well and show off who you are.

Mistake #3 to Avoid: Waiting too Long to Schedule

Wondering when to schedule senior pictures? Beginning the Spring of Junior year is a good time to start looking at your calendar. If you wait until Winter when yearbook deadlines approach, you will not have a choice but to have your session in Winter (which, but the way, I LOVE). If that is not your preference, plan ahead. If you want flower fields in your session, plan ahead. They usually wilt by early Fall. Choose your desired season and book EARLY.

Big Walnut senior picture of girl in field in purple shirt in summer senior pictures in Westerville

Mistake #4 to Avoid: Forgetting Items

Nothing is worse than imagining an outfit for your photos or a prop you wanted to include and then not bringing it with you. Or putting together your accessories and realizing you are missing an earring when you are changing during the session. During our style consult we will go over all of these details and how to pack for session day. For now, just remember to pull everything together in advance and pack it the night before so that session day is nothing but fun!

high school senior picture near Olentangy of baseball player with mitt, ball, hat, uniform on school field

Mistake #5 to Avoid: Letting Your Photos Get Lost on the Computer

Of course these images should be shared with friends and family on social media and digitally archived so you have them forever. But it would be a mistake to have these stunning images of you get lost on the computer forever! This artwork is meant to be enjoyed daily. Many of our senior families chose to put a portrait on the wall at home, or enjoy a collection of photographs in a keepsake album. These special portraits are for now but also for many, many years for now. Having something tangible from the session will ensure that you can easily look back at these beautiful photographs anytime you'd like.

what to do with senior pictures albums, prints, image box all on display.

Ready to talk more about your senior experience? Let's chat!


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