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5 Places to Take Graduation Photos

Can you believe it is almost time to graduate!? The big day is almost here, and we know you are ready to put on that cap and gown and celebrate with your friends and family. After 13 years in school, you are finally ready to receive that diploma that you have worked so hard to earn! But if you don't have photos... did it even happen?! Kidding, of course. But you know you need some photos in your cap and gown! Below are 5 places for you to take graduation photos!

1. Graduation Photos in Front of Your High School

After 4 years in the same building every day, it is only fitting to take graduation photos right in front of your high school. This is also a great open space where you can do photos with several of your friends. Your senior photo session probably took place somewhere else in the Columbus area, and was customized just for you. Now it is time to include a few of your classmates to document the time you spent together in classroom, at lunch, and attending school activities. Put on your cap and gown or simply dress up like you would for graduation and use the front of your school for some keepsake photos together!

Westerville South HS senior photo location

2. Graduation Photos Where You Are From - Front Porch or with Family

This was a high school experience like no other, where you spent at least some of your time learning from home. While you may have done the trending front porch photos with your fam in a year before your senior year, graduation photos there have a whole separate feeling. This is all about YOU and showcases where you grew up and spent a lot of your time. This symbolizes the part of your life where you are became who you are today. An image of you in your cap and gown on your porch marks the end of that journey and the beginning of the next chapter in your life where you follow your own path. Photos with your parents all dressed up on your front porch will be something for them to look back for decades to come. These are the type of images made for showing your children and grandchildren one day.

family graduation photo in cap and gown in Westerville

3. Sports Field Graduation Pictures

Football stadium, the track, baseball or softball diamond, or the soccer field make a great spot for graduation photos, especially if you include your teammates. You've been through hours and hours of difficult practices and conditioning, tough games, injuries, good and bad coaches, and together you made it to graduation. No doubt will some of your best high school memories be on the field, so it only makes sense to gather there in your jersey or cap and tassel to photograph this milestone.

Olentangy Orange soccer player in stadium senior photo

4. Graduation Pics at Your School Senior Rock, Senior Wall, or Other Senior Spot

If you are lucky enough to attend a high school with a designated piece of senior property, this is the perfect spot for a grad photo! You watched for 3 years while classes above you had their turn and finally last May it was ALL YOURS! This will be something you tell future friends and children about, and a graduation photo here is the perfect ending to late nights out painting or marking it with your senior messages. Next week it will belong to the next class, so take one more photo there while you can!

westerville north rock to paint for seniors

5. Senior or Graduation Photos by Your Car

Ahhh yes, your car! This could be a special car your parents gifted you for graduation, or it could be the family car where you spent so much time over the last 4 years carpooling to practice, dinner, or the movies. Most of all, it may be your ticket into graduation. Olentangy Schools high school seniors, I'm talking to you especially! As a traditional graduation ceremony has been scrapped in lieu of drive through ceremonies, having a photo with your family in front of your car is the perfect way to mark this occasion and capture the essence of the time. After a year of other drive-through events, online shopping pickup, and drive-through birthday parties and celebrations, your graduation ceremony may be one last way to use your car. Might as well get a cap and gown photo with your parents in front of your car, since that's what your graduation celebration has become.

senior photo with yellow sports car in Westerville

No matter how you choose to capture this milestone of graduation, we hope you take plenty of photos! Don your cap and gown for a few or simply dress up or wear your high school T-shirt one last time. We can't wait to see you share them on IG! Congratulations, Class of 2021! Class of 2022, I'm looking forward to working with you this Summer and Fall!


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