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5 Tips to Prepare for the BEST Senior Photo Session

Juniors and Seniors: it is never too early to start planning for your dream session! We start photographing seniors in the Spring before Senior year and get super busy once the school year starts. After over a decade as a photographer, I have compiled a list of 5 tips to make prepare to have the best session ever! When we work together, I will go over everything in detail in the weeks leading up. So feel free to save this page, but don't worry if you forget about it. I will walk you through everything!

1. Choose the Best Photographer for YOU!

This can be an overwhelming test in itself and I have so much to say about this that I could write an entire blog post. But in short, I recommend starting with how you feel when you look at their images. Do you like the style? The colors you see? Are they true-to-life and bright and bold like you? Or do you prefer something very light? Or very dark with certain colors enhanced? If you don't like the style of photos in the gallery, then it is safe to say you won't like yours!

Big Walnut senior picture in flower field wearing purple shirt

What about the posing? Do the seniors look uncomfortable and "overly posed"? Or do you see genuine personality coming through? This is particularly an issue for teen guys who don't love photos. If a photographer can't make you comfortable, then you probably won't love your photos.

Gahanna senior picture of guy leaning on wall and smiling

Finally, are they EXPERIENCED? Professional? Responsible? Do they know this industry and continuously train to keep up with the best and newest knowledge? Will they help you prepare for your big session day? This is something that only happens once and should be special and done right.

2. Select a Location that Fits Your Personality

Are you an outdoorsy guy? Do you love to camp and hike and fish? Then likely we want to choose a woods with a creek or pond. Are you an athlete who spends most of their time on the court or field? Perhaps we start at your school! Or maybe you are a girl that loves to dress up and show off fashionable dresses downtown! Let's go there!!

Big Walnut senior photo by barn wearing boots and black cowboy hat
Westerville Central senior picture in downtown Columbus wearing animal print pants and brown top
columbus senior photo downtown at Scioto mile in black dress

3. Plan to Wear a Few Outfits

This is a one-time event, so let's make the most of it! For quicker sessions, I would still recommend 2-3 outfits. Adding a jacket or a hat can change your look without having to do a full outfit change. We also bring a pop-up changing tent, so changing on the go is easy (no trying to change awkwardly in your car!). For longer sessions at multiple locations, I recommend 4-6 outfits.

4. Bring Items that Matter to You

Again, this sessions should be all about YOU and all the things that make you who you are! If you play a sport, bring a ball. If you play an instrument, bring it! If you have a dog, let's have him tag along for a few! Maybe your car is special to you - let's include it! The options are really endless.

Westerville South drumline senior photo in uptown with drumsticks

olentangy high school senior with upright bass musical instrument

Westerville senior picture with dog at park sitting on bridge reflection in water

baseball glove senior photo over player's face

5. EAT Before Your Session!

I know, it is silly to put that down as a top 5 item, but think about it - who wants to be hangry while they are trying to look cute?! Always have breakfast or lunch before your session, but nothing that makes you feel bloated or uncomfortable. I also recommend packing a small snack for as we travel between locations, but nothing too messy like goldfish. You should also brush and floss before your session and bring extra floss if you are going to snack in between locations. I'll share plenty more helpful tips with you as we plan out your custom session. Get in touch so we can figure out which season is best for your session and get you on the calendar!!


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