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A Soccer-inspired Westerville North Senior Session for Ben

One thing I love to do is include any sports or hobbies seniors enjoy during their session, and Ben’s senior pictures were no exception! We chose a day after the soccer season and finally ended so that the stadium would be empty and his schedule would be a little more open. We all know soccer season is very busy with practice and games, so it can be hard to fit a Fall senior picture session in during September and October.

Westerville North warrior stadium senior picture

Soccer Senior Pictures at Westerville North

When I say we had a cold day for Ben’s session, I mean it was COLD! But we made it work! One thing I enjoy about working with athletes is that they are super flexible with the weather. Having spent years practicing or playing in all kinds of conditions, they don’t really bat an eye when the temps drop near freezing! Ben has probably played games in colder weather (and probably with snow) during his soccer career, so he toughed out the temps in his senior session like it was no big deal.

Westerville North Warrior Nation senior picture

WNHS senior photo on the stadium field

We started his session near the victory bell and then headed over to the field. I love getting out in the center of an empty scocer field with the stands in the background! And we didn’t stop there! Next we went up to the bleachers for some shots with and without his ball and his letter jacket.

Westerville North letter jacket senior photo in stadium on bleachers

Senior Pictures with Different Outfits at the High School

To make the most use of our time together, he changed to a new outfit and we used some of the other fun settings near the field for some senior pictures. The stadium isn’t ONLY about bleachers and grass, we also have fencing and a bench which made for some fun poses as we hung out that afternoon. How fun is the lighting behind the stadium in this shot below?

Senior photo at Westerville North High School

Once we left the stadium, we used the school building itself for some photos. I really like the look of the brick and the variety we were able to get in such a small geographic area. I will admit that we drove to the back for a moment of warming up before getting out for some close-up and full-length shots with the brick and pillars of the building.

Casual senior picture at Westerville North

senior picture sitting by Westerville North High School

Winter senior picture in Westerville

Finding Fall Color in November for High School Senior Pictures

Finally, it was time for one more outfit change and making use of some of the natural elements on the school ground. If I’m being honest, we were well past peak fall color. The trees changed much earlier this year than anticipated but I went up ahead of time and scoped out the little bit that was remaining on the property so we could use that to our advantage. I knew how we would maximize what little remained and it actually worked out perfectly! Although by now the sun was beginning to set and it was getting even cooler out (not to mention the WIND), it was worth it as these were some of my favorite photos of the day!

Westerville fall senior picture

Westerville North yearbook photo in fall in green shirt

I had a great time with Ben and love that he chose his high school as the location for his senior pictures. Things will change over time and this school may not always look the way it does today. To be able to capture him in a setting where he spent so much of his time for the last four years means a lot and I hope they enjoy these photos for a lifetime as they bring back memories of his time at Westerville North on and off the soccer field!

Looking for inspiration for your own stadium senior pictures? Or looking to showcase your love for soccer outside the stadium? We have a ton of ideas and examples from previous senior sessions on our blog. Or, contact us to talk more about your own vision!


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