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Westerville North Soccer Senior Pictures: Carson

I met up with Carson from Westerville North High School at a favorite park of mine for his senior photography session. It was a very quiet morning in the park and we had some sun, so it made the perfect setting and we didn't have to work around a lot of other photography groups.

Westerville North senior photography of soccer player by unique wall

One thing I always encourage with senior photos is to wear multiple outfits and change your look throughout the session. This will give you more variety in your final selection. We started off by walking through the woods down to the creek area. Nature makes a great backdrop!

Senior photography by creek near Westerville Ohio

Westerville North senior portrait in Gahanna by water

Carson spent his high school years playing soccer for WNHS, so it made sense that he threw on his uniform for a few photos. He brought a ball, which was a great accessory to this part of the day. I have photographed many soccer players in the past, and everyone has their own way of representing their sport! Whether it be at their school stadium, wearing a soccer Tee shirt, or their uniform on location like Carson.

Westerville North High School soccer player athlete in senior photo #alln

We did one more outfit before wrapping up for the day. Fun story - as we were heading back, we rounded a corner where a ton of ducks came flying out right in front of us. I mean A LOT of ducks. I jumped and almost knocked him over, but he was a good sport and we had a laugh.

WNHS yearbook photo close up of Westerville senior

Westerville North boys soccer player senior picture by waterfall

This session was a good time and I enjoyed talking and laughing with him. He's got that kind of personality that is laid back and easygoing that made the session so much fun. I think we went into this thinking he wanted to get it done with as quick as possible, but the time really flew once we started chatting. Congratulations, Carson!


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