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Class of 2023 Cap & Gown Photography

Ready to wear your cap & gown? We can't wait to see you in it! Cap & Gown Minis Photo sessions will be taking place on select dates this Spring.

Olentangy Orange Cap & Gown photos senior picture of blue gown with tassel and cap

See our webpage devoted to all the details! AND we allow families to participate so you can actually be in the photo, too!

Westerville graduation picture with family in cap & gown

Westerville graduation portrait cap & gown mini session

Olentangy cap & gown mini photo session tossing cap

Westerville North High School graduation picture in cap & gown senior photo

Click here for details on scheduling and dates!

We hope to see you there!

Olentangy Cap & Gown Photos

Westerville Cap & Gown Pictures

Gahanna Cap & Gown Session

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