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Flower Field Senior Picture Inspiration in Central Ohio

If you love Summer as much as I do, then you may be picturing a field of flowers in bloom during your senior photo session! I absolutely love the vibrant colors of tulips, daisies, black-eyed-susans, purple cornflower, and basically anything bright and bold that attracts butterflies!

summer flower field senior photos floral skirt golden hour

Flower Field Senior Photos in Westerville

Westerville and surrounding areas have some gorgeous flower fields in the Summer. From wildflowers in yellows and purples to pops of carefully-manicured floral gardens of all colors, you will have plenty of options - IF you plan ahead. There is something magical about the sunlight hitting the stems as it sets in the evening.

wildflower senior girl session with golden sunlight

The sessions above took place in late August during golden hour. The first senior had started her session at Olentangy Orange stadium, but then moved here for the gorgeous light and wildflower setting. And it did not disappoint! The second one we started at a park with flowers and moved to the second location after that!

golden sunlight and flower field summer senior pictures in westerville

The image below was taken earlier it the day in a flower garden that had some shade. We used a mix of excellent lens choice and perspective to create the feel that she was in a field of flowers when she was actually on a pathway.

purple field of flowers in Columbus Ohio senior picture

When to schedule Senior Photos for Flower Fields in Columbus, Ohio

I have an entire post on when to schedule senior photos. BUT, if you are specifically wondering when the best time to take senior pictures in the flowers will be, let's get into that! Every year I have the unfortunate job of telling a senior that all the wildflowers have died and the season is over. I sure hate those conversations because I want each senior to have their dream session! While there are some work-arounds we can do (such as choosing some Fall flowers or holding loose cuts from a florist), there isn't anything I can do to change nature. That's why it is so important to PLAN EARLY for your senior session, especially if you want Summer blooms!

bold and colorful flower field for senior pictures in Westerville

girl in dress in flower field senior photos at Inniswood

We love the pink and purple flowers above!

Flower Field Senior Picture

This senior portrait was perfectly positioned to bring out the flower field in her photo. The yellow flowers below go nicely with her white top below.

senior picture girl in flower field

If you want flower fields in your photos, you will want to start searching for your perfect photographer and booking a session by around March, maybe June at the latest for a late Summer session with flowers. Summer is actually a great time for senior photos for many reasons.

Wildflowers in Central Ohio for Senior Pictures

So you prefer the more natural look of a wildflower field? We have some options around here that give you that look! Starting with some of the Metro Parks and working your way through natural wetland areas or out in the country, flowers like this are in bloom in the Summer months, particularly nearing the end of Summer in July and August. The session below also took place in - you guessed it - August! Isn't she stunning in that white dress among the flowers?

girl in white dress in field of yellow flowers at sunset
high school senior in white dress smelling pink flowers

Late July and August tend to have some of the taller flowers in bloom with a wildflower vibe.

tall wildflower field senior pictures in westerville ohio with yellow flowers

Colorful flowers for Senior Photos around Columbus

Don't mind if the flowers are planted there intentionally? Carefully selected and well-maintained flower beds can be found in many of the gardens in the area. This beautiful senior chose a colorful top that went so well with this floral setting.

teen girl in colorful top in flower patch

stunning senior portrait of girl looking over shoulder in flower field

Rose Garden Senior Pictures in Columbus

We love the roses below. These were perfect for a June session since they begin to bloom earlier in the season than some of the other flowers featured here today. We especially love the variety of Roses at the Park of Roses, as you can find just about any color all season long. This photo below, however, took place at Inniswood Metro Garden in Westerville. This charming park boasts a small but scenic garden of roses.

rose garden field of flowers senior picture near Columbus, Ohio

teen wearing denim jacket around pink and white roses

rose garden senior picture of girl in white dress in Columbus Ohio

Want to talk in more detail about a custom senior session just for you? You are in the right place! I have a location guide that we can use as a starting point in selecting the best spot to fit your vision. Let's chat and plan it all out! I can't wait to help you bring your own vision to life! Looking for more fun activities to do the Summer before your senior year? Check out this post for more inspiration!


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