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Park of Roses Senior Pictures

If you dream of having your senior pictures done in a place full of color and full of flowers, we have the perfect spot for you! The Whetstone Park of Roses is a stunning location for senior sessions. The only caveat is that you have to schedule them early! Flowers begin blooming by May and continue through early Fall, but once they are gone, they are gone for the year! Peak season is in the Summer, so book early.

Columbus senior pictures at the park of roses

Colorful Roses for Senior Photos

One of my favorite things about the Park of Roses is that there are SO MANY colors of flowers to choose from! Pink, peach, red, white, cream, yellow... No matter what color scheme you choose for your outfit, we will find something to compliment it well when the roses are in full bloom. How beautiful are these girls in this gorgeous setting?

luxury senior portrait experience at Park of Roses pink flowers and girl in blue dress

Variety of Other Flowers at the Park

After some shots with various colors of roses, we can also explore the many other plants they have on site. From floral bushes to small flower pods to little green plants, there is a lot of variety. Our goal is always to create beautiful images with a lot of variety for you to pick from.

Olentangy senior photographer Park of Roses girl poses

park of roses senior pictures summer senior photo by Columbus senior photographer

Senior pictures near Lewis Center girl poses near flowers in Park of Roses

flower field senior pictures by Columbus senior photographer

Gazebo and Other Structures at the Park of Roses

Although I could do (and have done!) an entire session just in flowers, it is also fun to have some additional options on site. The Gazebo is a staple of photo sessions at the Park of Roses, and we often have to wait out a turn to use it. But it is worth it for the unique look it brings to your photos!

Olentangy custom senior portrait at park of roses gazebo

The spiral staircase is another classic icon of that location, and is located near a couple stone posts perfect for photos. Finally, the fountain is a focal point of the park that many elect to use. One note I will add about the fountain is that it is located in full sun, which at times can mean squinting. It also is a crowded area as families and children like to explore the water and make a wish.

Lewis Center area senior picture taken at Park of Roses staircase of girl in white dress

Columbus park of roses senior pictures on spiral staircase

Park of Roses senior picture at fountain for Olentangy senior photo

Lewis Center senior picture experience at Park of Roses girl leans on stone wall

The key to getting beautiful Summer flower photos is to book early. I find that sometimes seniors wait until Fall to schedule and at that point there is not much left in bloom. We can certainly have you hold some flowers, but it really isn't the same vibe as standing or sitting among these live rose bushes. If this fits your vision, get in touch to reserve your slot!


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