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Summer Senior Pictures in Westerville; Caitlyn's Senior Session

This Westerville North High School senior had the best portrait session! Westerville was represented for sure, with two of the most popular locations for senior pictures and they never disappoint! I love that she has so much variety with a few outfits in each location, and she was able to showcase some interesting architecture before moving to a park for a floral and woods vibe during her senior session. This really was the best of both worlds for Caitlyn's Summer senior pictures!

sunflower senior picture in westerville

Caitlyn suggested we start in Uptown Westerville where she has spent time with friends over the years. There are some highly requested locations there but we made them her own during her session. Her hair and makeup was professionally done, but her smile stole the show as we walked among the brick and tile buildings on State Street. Kind of obsessed with this one in front of the brick.

Westerville North senior picture in front of brick

This two-toned wall is always a hit. If you are up there anytime soon, be sure to look for the adorable little mouse door painted along the bottom. Such a cute little find in Westerville. But for now, here is that beautiful smile again!

Olentangy senior pictures uptown westerville

This little brick plaza is a fantastic place to sit in the shade and cool off a bit for a few photos. This outfit was one of my favorites during her session. Casual with some personality, and in timeless colors. Plus, check out how perfectly the wind picked up her hair over here. What's not to love?!

Westerville North senior photographer near Lewis Center ohio
senior headshot photographer westerville

And above we stopped by the white brick wall of course. Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Having the white backdrop with a solid black shirt really let her eyes pop. I think this is just a stunning headshot. But truly I had too many favorites from this session!

Senior Pictures on Fire Escape

We made a quick stop by her elementary school on the way to our next location. We could have walked but it was pretty warm that day. Thankfully it was actually less hot than our initially scheduled date, which we had to cancel due to rain. There is a whole set of images from this fire escape that I love, but I'll just share one here.

fire escape senior picture westerville ohio

Summer Senior Photos at Inniswood

I had mentioned that her session took place at one of my favorite Westerville locations - and that is Inniswood Metro Garden off Hempstead Rd. I think most students and parents in Westerville know it as the place to go for prom or homecoming photos, but it is actually a great place for photos anytime. I do my best to avoid it Saturday evenings in the Fall and Spring, but Summer was a beautiful time to enjoy the park without the crowd. We also chose a weeknight which helped.

senior portrait headshot westerville senior photographer

How stunning is she in that rose garden!? Those eyes again! The floral dress was a great choice for the park. And roses always look great as a backdrop. I love that sometimes there are little stories about parts of sessions. This bench photo is one of them! Totally worth all the backstory, though, because this was a session favorite for her parents and I can definitely see why!

senior picture near Lewis Center Ohio

Oh those roses! This location was chosen due to the red roses possibly being a favorite of a a grandparent. Absolutely love anytime a photo has extra special sentimental meaning.

roses senior pictures in Columbus of Westerville North high school senior

Wrapped up with a few more headshots in this cute white top before calling it an evening.

senior picture headshot in Westerville

What a beautiful Summer night, and worth the wait of a reschedule! I always hate to call it due to rain because I know we are all excited and ready to go. But we gotta do what we gotta do to get photos like this : ) And our new date worked out beautifully. Caitlyn, I really enjoyed working with you and I'm so excited for you to head into your senior year.

If you are looking for your own custom senior portrait experience, let's talk about your vision and what we can do! We can help with everything from choosing the best locations to helping with your wardrobe selection. We also have plenty of inspiration on what to wear for a Summer session here.


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