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Why You Should Send High School Graduation Announcements

Hard to believe the school year is finally coming to an end and we are here talking about GRADUATION! There is still so much to do to get ready for this big day, and you may wonder if sending graduation announcements matters or perhaps it is one item you could simply skip.

senior picture at Scioto Mile of girl with instrument

Do it. Send the graduation announcements. There are so many reasons why!

1. This is your chance to BRAG on your senior! They have been through SO much to get to this point. Not only years (and probably tears) of homework and exams, early mornings, and late nights, but also spending half of their high school experience in a pandemic! THIS is your chance to show your senior you are SO PROUD of them and politely show off this major accomplishment! 2. Other people want to celebrate your senior, too! Receiving this piece of happy mail will not only bring a smile to their face, but it will also give them the chance to shower your senior with congratulations in the form of text messages, cards, or even a little gift money! There is no better way to make your senior feel celebrated at graduation than to have so many people acknowledge this milestone accomplishment.

3. It's tradition. While there are many traditions that worth doing, this formal correspondence is certainly a big one! There are a limited number of times you will mail out a beautiful, formal, personalized note like this. 4. It's a great way to network! Professionals love to help young graduates out as they begin their careers. Sending announcements lets people know where your child is going to school and what they plan to study. You never know what could come out of this communication!

senior picture at Inniswood of guy in pink shirt

Need help figuring out WHAT to put on your graduation announcements? We have your must-have list of details here!

These are a few of the reasons that sending graduation announcements for high school graduation is a wonderful way to celebrate your senior! Make sure you send them out a few weeks before their event if you are inviting them to participate in the festivities. Otherwise, sending them up to a month after graduation is acceptable. And of course, include all relevant information such as their name, graduation date, school, and future plans. We are proud to help our senior families design the perfect graduation cards to recognize this accomplishment using one or more of their senior portraits as part of the full service we provide for seniors.


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