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10 Things to Put on Graduation Announcements for High School Seniors

Can you believe the time has finally come to announce your high school senior's graduation? This hard-earned diploma deserves every bit of recognition, and there is no better way than to send a graduation announcement to friends and family near and far. But what should your graduation announcement include? We've got a list of 10 must-haves for grad cards for your high school senior!

  1. Name of the graduate: The name of the person graduating is an important part of the announcement

  2. High school name: The name of the high school from which the graduate is graduating

  3. Graduation Ceremony Details: The date, time, and location which the graduation ceremony will take place

  4. Party Details: All the details about the party such as date, time, and location

  5. RSVP: If you want your guests to RSVP to the graduation ceremony or party, list that contact name and number here

  6. Graduation year: The year in which the graduation ceremony is taking place

  7. Photos! Showcase the grad!

  8. Graduation honors: If the graduate has received any special honors or awards, such as summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude, these can be included

  9. College or Career Plans: What does the grad plan to study and where?

  10. Personal message: Write a personal message from the graduate or their family to thank recipients for their ongoing support or share any sports commitments for the following year

what to put on high school graduation announcement sample grad card

Put the Graduate's Name on Graduation Announcements

It's easy to get all caught up in the design and style of creating a unique grad announcement, but don't forget to put the first and last name of the graduate! If your grad uses a nickname, you have the choice between a using their given name to give the announcement a more formal feel, or using their common name. In some cases, there are ways to do both on the graduation announcement. Perhaps one way on the front with full name and the other on back with only first name.

The High School Name on Graduation Cards

Yes, your high school name should be listed on your grad cards! Since these will be going to friends and family near and far, they may not be familiar with the school that your high school senior attends. You may choose to use school colors to bring out that spirit and pride as well!

Graduation Ceremony Details

This one is optional. If you want to invite family to attend the actual ceremony, this is a must. Date, time, and location are all required to be listed if you want to use this as a way to disseminate this information. However, many schools restrict the number of graduation ceremony attendees and in that case, we recommend leaving it off. You may list the date of graduation, but find a way to be clear that you are not inviting them to attend by instead inviting them to a celebration or open house on another date.


Graduation Party Invitations

If you plan to invite your friends and family to an open house, party, or celebration of any kind, this is a great place to do it! Be sure to include the date (we prefer using the day of the week as well since this time of year is so busy!), time (ending time if you need people OUT at a specific time such as when you are renting a space), and location including the full address and name of the facility if applicable. Some people do not want to invite their entire recipient list to the party, in which case we recommend including a party invite as a separate insert to only those you choose.


Need a headcount? This is the place to request a formal response. Typically people list the parent's name and cell number so your guests can send a quick text to let you know how many from their household will be there.

Graduation Year

Let's face it - this graduation card is going on someone's fridge! Likely for a very long time! In this age of technology, it is a rare occurrence to receive a card with photos. This special announcement will often find it's way to be displayed for many years. So it's nice to display your graduation year. Plus, it is a keepsake for you as well!


Obviously our favorite part of any graduation announcement! If you haven't yet had your senior session, we can help with that. Or, if you have done traditional senior pictures but would love to stay on the graduation theme with cap & gown photos announcing your accomplishments, we can do that, too! Many seniors will choose at least one photo wearing their letter jacket and/or with their sports gear or uniform since it was a major part of their high school experience.

Graduation Honors

If you are aware of your graduation stats such as graduating with honors, you can feature that information here. Please be aware that teens often think its cheugy to brag so even if your parent heart is bursting with pride, tread carefully with this one!

Do You Put College or Career Plans on a Graduation Announcement?

You certainly can! This isn't seen as a brag, but simply a statement of what the future holds! It can be so exciting to head into the next phase of life with a plan, so feel free to share it on the graduation announcement. One major benefit of doing so is that you are letting your network know the field your teen will be studying. Then, when an opportunity arises they will easily think back to this graduation announcement and can make that connection, and that can lead to many great things! In some cases, they may be attending a college one of the card recipients attended, and additional connections or advice may be provided as a result of sharing this information.

Sharing a Personal Message on a Graduation Announcement Card

Finally, use this as an opportunity to share any personal words of gratitude, excitement, greetings, or literally anything at all. Many high school seniors will use this as a chance to share if they have committed to playing a sport at college or if they are moving to a new city.

If you are looking for reasons to send a Graduation Announcements, we have an entire post here to help you make that decision. Planning a Graduation Party in the Columbus, Ohio area for your high school senior? We've got a ton of ideas and vendors to make your dream party come to life!


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