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Uptown Westerville Winter Senior Pictures

Matthew from Westerville North High School in Westerville, Ohio worked with me to plan an indoor and outdoor Winter senior photography session. Waiting until Winter for your senior photos does have some benefits, but the temperature isn't one of them! Thankfully the yearbook deadline at Westerville North gave us some room to enjoy this experience in the second semester of his senior year. I always end up with a good number of Westerville North, Westerville Central, and Westerville South students waiting until Winter for their senior portrait experience.

winter senior picture uptown Westerville brick alley with ice

Since we had such extreme cold on the initial session day, we opted to reschedule the outdoor portion for a later date. And I am so glad we did! We actually had a really nice day, and I got to work with Matthew twice! He chose uptown Westerville which I love because we had a lot of different backdrops to choose from and some cool architecture as backgrounds.

uptown westerville senior picture against blue wall with Westerville North senior

winter coat senior picture in downtown Westerville wearing coat

senior picture against brick wall in uptown Westerville

I love how you can see ice and snow in the background of some of his photos! It really creates a Midwestern Winter vibe!

senior picture in uptown westerville of North high school student with ice and snow in background

candid senior picture in Westerville wearing winter coat

I enjoyed talking with Matthew during his sessions. It is clear he has a good sense of humor (his dad literally had the best puns the whole day, so he must get it from him!). He is an outgoing teen with a positive outlook for his future - and with good reason! His upbeat personality and friendliness are going to make it so easy to connect with new friends in college, even though he doesn't know anyone else going to his top choice school. Congratulations, Matthew!

If you want to make your senior year special with a Winter portrait session (or any other season), we'd love to help! Let's chat about your vision and make it a reality!


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