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What to Wear: Winter Photo Session

If your schedule was crazy earlier in the school year, you may find yourself planning for a Winter photo shoot to meet your yearbook deadline. Yes, it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun out there! Let's take a look at some Winter outfit inspiration!

Letter Jackets in Senior Photos

We love letter jackets in senior pictures for many reasons, and in January, we love them even more! These jackets were made for spending time in the stands on a late Fall Friday night, and do a great job of keeping seniors warm during a session. We recommend wearing it over one of your other tops so you can toss it on quickly to avoid a full outfit change. Pro tip: you will be able to see the shirt under the jacket unless you snap ALL the snaps (normally you wouldn't do that). So choose a shirt color that will coordinate well with your school colors. This is a great start to deciding what to wear for Winter photos!

Westerville North High School football stadium senior in letter jacket

Olentangy High School letter jacket worn by student in senior picture

Westerville South marching band senior wears letter jacket at Westerville South High School football stadium

A Cute Hat for Senior Pictures

Let's be honest, I love hats all year round! They make a perfect accessory to almost any outfit when done right and add a little interest to your overall look. Plus, it gives us more posing options with multiple ways you can hold, tip, or touch your hat! But in the Winter months, it also keeps your head (and therefore body) warmer, too! That means you will be more comfortable during your session. And that's always my goal! Here is an example of one senior wearing three different hats during her downtown session near the Short North.

Teen girl wearing red and black striped shirt and black hat in Winter Senior session near the Short North

Winter senior picture in Columbus Ohio girl wears a black winter hat in senior pictures

Even a ball cap can help. Don't be fooled by the outfit - these photos were done the first week of March and it was cold out. But it really isn't that bad when you are having fun!

winter senior pictures Uptown Westerville with brick and baseball cap

Wearing a Hoodie in Senior Photos

Wait... did this photographer seriously suggest wearing a hoodie in senior portraits!? I sure did! Let me say first that this shouldn't be your ONLY outfit. But the truth is that it fits well with the season. Hooded sweatshirts make for a quick outfit change because you can often pull off a sweater and pop this on top of your tee instead. Less time changing means more time shooting... or less time out there if you are really not that into photos!

The other thing that I love about a hoodie is that 9 times out of 10 when I see a teen toss on a hooded sweatshirt, this is the moment that mom says "This looks just like him. This is what he wears all the time". And there is something so special about those words. Yes, I want you to look amazing and look your very best for this special occasion. But I also want to make sure these photos always look like YOU. The way YOU look at this time in your life. After all, that's what I want to document.

Senior pictures wearing a white hoodie and jacket at a local park

Westerville senior picture wearing hoodie and denim jacket

Wearing a Winter Coat in Senior Photos

Ahhhh you knew I was going to suggest that one! But seriously, a winter coat can make for a nice look in senior pictures. As a bonus, it will keep you much warmer! And again, it is a quick change of look without having to change an entire outfit. This look usually works best with jeans or joggers. You can see above where those two seniors tossed on a jacket over their hoodie, but you can wear one over anything.

Winter senior picture in Westerville of guy wearing winter jacket in the snow

Layer Up for Winter Senior Pictures

Layers are always great for photos, but they are essential to staying warm in the Winter.

senior photo of teen wearing a denim jacket in winter snow with hands in pockets

What to wear Winter Senior Pictures hoodie westerville

what to wear for winter senior pictures uptown westerville

Winter senior picture at Inniswood of girl wearing black denim jacket by field

Dreaming of a Winter Senior Session?

If you are dreaming of a Winter senior session, or maybe you were just too busy to get it done when it was warm outside, I can help! I have worked with plenty of seniors in January, February, and March in order to meet yearbook deadlines. Plus, it will get it done before the busy Spring season so you can use them for graduation announcements! Here's some more inspiration for a winter session and a snowy session! Let's plan something unique for you!


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